34 thoughts on “Smooth Passage

  1. Just sayin'

    I’ve been watching this online – there was no commotion really. The Indo is being ridiculous.

    Hogan has done well, kept with cool and not risen to taunts from Flanagan or McCarthy. The format is strict – MEPs ask brief questions and the Commissioner-Designate answers. It doesn’t lend itself to debate and the Committee chair turns off MEPs mikes if they keep talking.

      1. Just sayin'

        Well, considering they just dug up another IRA murder victim yesterday, I think there’s no harm in reminding ourselves what kind of people they are and where they came from. The Peace Process doesn’t require us to develop collective amnesia. We just have to tolerate them.

  2. The People's Hero

    This is probably not going to go down well here but Big Phil is extremely well suited for this Ag Com role…. As an experienced enforcer, he’s perfect to deal with the French, the Brits, the Germans and the Yanks…..

      1. The People's Hero

        Being an EU Commissioner does not require adherence to many ‘democratic’ processes. More Imperial Czar So yeah. And he’d be pretty good at it….

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          There is a long tradition of psychical-force republicanism on this island, and it must be respected.

      1. DoM

        And there’s no bodies either. Nope. None at all! What are you talking about!?

        Oh, well there’s that one obviously. But sure what’s a corpse or two amongst friends??

        (As someone said above – “peace process” doesn’t mean “forget-that-these-guys-are-still-hiding-the-bodies process”)

        1. Wayne Carr

          No mainstream political party would ever assist in the murders of anyone. The IRA got no help from the Gardaí when they murdered Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan.

          Gardaí RUC

  3. R

    and the bit at the beginning, his comment to Mairead McGuinness. Before he realised the stream was live.

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