17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Limerick

    1. Mister Mister

      It’s the type of vehicle a wheel chair user would use, so anything could have happened.

      1. Randy Ewing

        Surely the premise that ‘anything could have happened’ holds if it’s a wheel chair user or not ?

        Also it’s a touch patronising of you towards disabled drivers if you’re giving them a free pass to crash due to their blue stickers !!

      2. the good helen

        actually I think your wrong, to me it looks the type of car that a person who can’t drive properly drives. I think I might be right with my assumptions too. :-)

        1. Joe Malone

          can’t see any indication of it being modified good Helen, look like a normal people carrier. off duty hackney car perhaps with a very tired driver.

    1. Mani

      Well,,,, congratulations on being the first person to successfully ‘reverse birth’ I guess. Your poor mother.

  1. Joe Malone

    Slippy road isn’t the problem that’s for sure, they were going fast enough to mount the kerb, smash through the barrier and continue into the wall the far side.

  2. Brian Stokes

    I used to work on O’Connell just across from the site of that accident, that kind of crash is not uncommon. Happened outside my office in 2006, low kerb, cars trying to race across a busy street, bang and their in the basement. Hope all are ok.

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