12 thoughts on “Ag Obair Thar Ceann

    1. Mr. T.

      They mean the company who is installing the water meters.

      Give it 5 years. He’ll own Irish Water then. He wants something for his kids after he’s passed on.

  1. Outta me Bento Box

    Oh grow up.

    Sink your own well and pay for running it like many people do if you feel that strongly about it.

    Did you shower of hipsers tender for the installation of water meters? Somehow I doubt you’re ever lifted a shovel in your lives.

    1. Ron

      I dont know whether any of those ‘hipsters’ you refer to tendered. But Siemens offered to invest €800 million in a public private partnership relating to installing 1.8 million water meters in Irish homes. The Government turned down that offer and instead awarded it to Denis O’ Briens Siteserv company.  

      1. Drogg

        And just to back Ron’s point up there siemans also has a vast experience installing water meters to a very high standard siteserv are a relatively new company with no experience in this field.

        1. Milo

          Oh FFS, the above is a sign for Sierra. Both Sierra and Siteserv have plenty of experience putting in traffic lights, fibre boxes for broadband, gas pipes, electrical installations etc etc etc. Siemens manufactures water meters. It is highly unlikely that they would set up a special purpose subsidiary in Ireland to do the relatively low value work of actually installing the meters. They would have just contracted out to the above. You seem to have a buzzard idea that Siemens we’re going to fly over a crack group of German engineers to install precision meters. Much as I dispise DOB, there really is nothing to see here. Have a look at the services they do…
          And the same whinging is whenever a path is dug and reconstituted. Siemens have not invented a magic way of avoiding that…

      2. Milo

        Not really. There were discussions with a number of engineering companies during the preliminary stages of setting up Irish Water. This was one of many proposals. Subsequently, as best practice would suggest, it was put out to tender. Siemens choose not to tender for the business. There would be howls of corruption if IW had just given the contract to Siemens (nasty Germans forcing IW on us then making more money from installation rabble rabble). In any case, Siemens would have outsourced the installation of the meters to a contractor – much like the four other contractors who bid and won (like Sierra for example). So siteserv which is owned by Millington l&d which is controlled by DOB could have bid for that making it a moot point really.

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