21 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

      1. Fergus O'Leprosy

        Mind your words about Keano..
        He may be a redundant, irrelevant has-been, but he has his supporters.
        I wouldn’t cross that bunch of idiots if I were you,
        -They’re from Cork.

    1. munkifisht

      Something that I really didn’t know about Keano until quite recently is he’s a recovering alcoholic. He doesn’t really talk about it but it would give the guy some more understandability. That said I did hear some truly awful stories about his days in Cork that really show him in the worst light.

      1. Vbomb

        Some of the things he said post-Saipan sounded like someone in recovery: “I have to stay true to myself” etc.
        Roy Keane’s alcoholism is the worst kept secret on this island.

        1. mauriac

          always thought that.a bad dry drunk .at the beginning of Saipan he said something about troubles at home.troubles in his head more like.the amazing thing is how many people he has brainwashed into blaming bad pitches or lack of balls or mick McCarthy

  1. cousinjack

    Keane on front of Irish papers, ISL on cover of international papers,
    insular, backward looking, tribal?

    1. Italia'90

      We don’t rely on the war industry and permanent conflict for our economy.
      Therefore we don’t need the propaganda.
      Does that help?

      Does anyone have access to the FT?
      What are James Stewarts’ revelations about our tax avoidance industry?

      1. Italia'90

        Another FG pillock surely?
        And he’s prepared to what exactly about it?
        We’re being trolled as usual.
        Don’t be so naive.

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