9 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. jungleman

    I wonder are the US purposely failing to stem the advance of ISIS into Kobani with a view to dragging the Turks into putting boots on the ground in Syria.

    Or is that just too cynical..

    1. Caroline

      It might not be clear from the headline, but those are the words of his wife. I think it makes a difference whether it’s a charge coming from a newspaper or a person affected by the crime itself, although I guess the question still remains.

  2. deliverancecountry

    I don’t think Roy lost the war, players can expect better treatment and training facilities at tournaments now and we expect more scrutiny of how these things are run. He lost that battle though- there were enough good players there to have made a stab at it while he continued to point out the waste and ineptitude of the system . It’s not like McCarthy was going to leave him on the bench. (We needed him to feed ball forward, Duff and Keane were ready to go…. )

  3. Sham Bob

    Love the picture of Nigel Farage. The essence of his swivel-eyed loonery captured perfectly. Plus it looks like he’s trying to squeeze out an innuendo to that tank.

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