Dublin Airport this morning.

Emergency services are on a taxi-way area at Dublin Airport after two Ryanair planes came into contact with each other. It is understood the wing tips of the two aircraft touched as one was taxiing to a stand.

Two Ryanair planes touch wings at Dublin Airport (RTÉ)

Via Emily Carroll

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12 thoughts on “Touchdown

  1. Ross

    I only retweeted the picture and a journalist from the indo and hedald was straight on to me looking for me to follow him so he could dm me about the story.Not sure what he expected to get out of me and me on the 100X

  2. Wayne.F

    This is the equivalent of someone clipping your, wing mirror in a car. The winglet of one aircraft, clips the empennage of another at slow speed while taxiing

    1. Mulch

      Its more embarrassing really than any sort of safety issue. New winglet and an elevator, hopefully it didn’t damage the structure of the tail itself. Other than that, you can have this repaired and both back flying in 24hrs, again assuming it passes inspection.

      1. Just sayin'

        Ryanair said in a statement that the two planes “scraped” each other. Slightly more than that.

        1. Mulch

          Scraped was definitely the wrong choice of words by RYR, especially with these photos to back it up, but its still quite minor. Those winglets are a bolt-on modification that can be retrofitted to older 737’s and comes on newer ones. Neither of the parts are cheap, but its still minor in nature. Looks a lot worse than it is.

  3. Jdawg

    There is a pilot somewhere in the dungeons of Ryanair HQ being beaten with a pool ball in a sock, right now, by one Mr O’ L.

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