Senator Ronan Mullen took issue with the UNHRC and Sir Nigel Rodley in a meeting of the Justice, Defence and Equality Committee earlier as he addressed the newly appointed chief of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Emily Logan.

“I was extremely unhappy with the behaviour of the UN Human Rights Commission recently and the comments of Sir Nigel Rodley, particularly in relation to Ireland’s abortion laws.

UN agencies are radically in danger of overstepping their remit. Certain international human rights bodies seem to be off of a frolic of their own in a way that they do not respect our Constitutional understanding of what authentic human rights are.

I would ask that your Commission would respect first of all, the diversity of different points of view of people of goodwill in our society on various issues.”

Ms Logan replied:

“It was not only embarrassing but it was shocking as an Irish citizen not just as Chief Commissioner to hear about our demonstrable history and the way we have treated women and children.”

As the committee chair David Stanton informed the Senator his time was up, Senator Mullen accused the chair of a “culture of censorship“, the chair reminded him of a “culture of good manners“.

Senator Mullen called Deputy Pádraig Mac Lochlainn a “Yes man” when his attendance record was questioned.

Good times.

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21 thoughts on “Ruh Ro

  1. les rock

    Someone seems very worried that we are about be dragged kicking and screaming out of the stone age

  2. scottser

    hmm. i see your common sense UNHRC findings and raise you a half-@rsed irish constitution. HA! TRUMPS!!

  3. hmmmm

    looks like some people are dumb enough here to accept someone else position at their own expense , fine, but also at the expense.of their own nation. I hereby expand the definition so that they are no longer considered to be human beings, free to kill then. and if you disagree you live in stone age and will be disregarded. do you really want to redefine just about the most vital definition to you. Adolf would like you, actually.

    1. Sidewinder

      Try again but this time just write it in english instead of putting it through arabic on google translate then to chinese, then to urdu, then to tswana then to french then back to english again.

    2. Mick Flavin

      It’s unfair for people to judge your post based on them failing to come to terms with the idiosyncrasies of your writing style, hmmmm.
      I had a go at creating a drawing that conveys your meaning in a way they might understand.

      Hope that helps…

  4. Ronanneedstogo

    “We wouldn’t force someone to donate an organ against their wishes, to save someone’s life – even if they were the only one who could save them. Because we respect a donor’s autonomy and right to choose. But that’s what we force on women: The legal right to life of one, at the expense of another’s body”

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