What The Man From The UN Said



Sir Nigel Rodley

Over the last two days the UN Human Rights Committee in open hearings in Geneva, Switzerland has been examining Ireland’s human rights record.

The committee’s chairman Sir Nigel Rodley closed proceedings today with an address that included the following..

Ireland’s treatment of women:

“the Magdalene Laundries, the Mother and Baby Homes, the child abuse, the symphysiotomy – it’s quite a collection and it’s a collection that has carried on [for a] period that it’s hard to imagine any state party tolerating. And I guess I can’t prevent myself from observing that [they] are not disconnected from the institutional belief system that has predominated in the state party.”

On Ireland’s laws on women’s reproductive rights:

“the recognition of the primary right to life of the woman who is an existent human being has to prevail over that of the unborn child and I can’t begin to understand by what belief system the priority would be given to the latter rather than the former. It is good to see that in 2013 at last that is clearly being clarified. I’m sorry that the clarification does not extend to the health of the woman.”

On the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act:

“Life without quality of life is not something many of us have to choose between, and to suggest that regardless of the health consequences of a pregnancy a person may be doomed to continue it at the risk of criminal penalties is difficult to understand, even more so arguably for rape where the person doesn’t even bear any responsibility and is by the law clearly treated as a vessel and nothing more.”

ICCL [Irish Council For Civil Liberties] Wholeheartedly Endorses Coruscating UN Comments on Ireland (ICCL)


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40 thoughts on “What The Man From The UN Said

  1. ABM

    Unelected foreigner who’s pretty much tax exempt telling Irish people what they should do. But he goes even further – he tells us what we should believe in.

      1. WhoAreYa

        Diego Maradona and Sepp Blatter are always doing that too though to be fair the latter is sort of elected.

    1. Kurtz

      Like the Pope? That foreign king of Rome who ‘s words you live your life by like the ignorant sheep you are.

      And ABM, do you have a Broadsheet Abortion Troll Alarm that sounds when anything abortion related is posted here? A bat signal maybe, but in the shape of a fetus holding rosary beads.

    2. cluster

      I have some sympathy for ABM here.

      This guy is not completely wrong but it is farcical to hear this come from the mouth of a man who accepted a knighthood, not least at a time when it is becoming clear that the Brutish establishment covered up wide scale child abuse. This involved the ACTIVE involvement of senior politicians, civil service, police, media and judiciary.

      1. WhoAreYa

        So one person serving in an entirely different function is personally representative of the entire ‘establishment’ and by accepting an honour is an apologist for a cover-up which by definition (if it was a cover-up) is something he can not reasonably expected to have had any foreknowledge of?

        With such a rhetorical leap I can see how you and ABM have common cause.

  2. WhoAreYa


    We need another 1916 by 2016 to get this country finally kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

    1. ABM

      So you want to kill a few million over the coming years and you will start another civil war to justify your ambitions? How many more, do you think, will need to die for your cause?

      Off you go and recruit some willing men, buy a few tanks an arsenal of missiles.

      Psychopaths like you need to be interred and/or committed. You do not live in reality.

      1. BallsToTheWa

        You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette

        The cross-incestuous half-bred backward tribe you guys have been hand-rearing need to be wiped out by drawing you all out in the street and setting some people loose on you to rip your lot to shreds.

      2. WhoAreYa

        Actually no I was referring more to a sort of philosphical, spirtitual and ethical (r)evolution.

        Interesting that you made the leap to violence and bloody mayhem however, seems to be second nature to you.

  3. John

    Then there is the other extreme, which I witnessed first hand, in a Chinese maternity hospital
    with woman of all ages being made form a queue for abortions not by choice but by Government orders.
    While other expectant mothers who had obtained permission to give birth, having their normal scans.

    two extremes, both somewhat evil

    btw… to obtain permission to give birth, you must be married, so when I hear Irish gutter snipes
    use the term Chinese bastards, the irony.

    1. ABM

      Then there’s the Communist Romanian baby homes.

      The systematic de-humanisation of the person, coupled with a Godless outlook on life, can rapidly descend into living hell.

      All life is created in the image and likeness of God and when we forget or deny this; great misery and suffering results.

      1. Spartacus

        Not for the first time, ABM, your comments drip with an irony of which you are blissfully ignorant.

      2. Karl Monaghan

        Not that things like that would happen in houses of god – not selling babies, slave labour, dumping bodies, sexual, mental and physical abuse. And sure the lads running it all, sure they’re as white as snow and ideal folks to tell us what’s moral and would never, lie, cover up or otherwise aid anyone dealing with such shenanigans.

    2. mauriac

      while the system as it existed is rightly condemned for the tuam babies case its also worth remembering that 200,000 abortions are carried out in the u.k. each year and its pretty high handed and undemocratic of the u.n. committee to just dismiss Ireland’s ongoing and sincere debate on abortion .

        1. Sidewinder

          But their percentage of women seeking abortions compared with Ireland is not that much different. Especially if you take into account the illegal abortions that happen here.

  4. inotherwords

    Glad the UN are on the side of Irish women but is anything going to come of this?

    1. ABM

      Did you forget about all the unborn girls in your “Irish women” remark?

      How many potential mothers/sisters/aunties/doctors/nurses/teachers/etc. have been denied a chance due to outside interference by abortion companies?

  5. realPolithicks

    Apparently “an Irish solution to an Irish problem” doesn’t work in the real world.

  6. Zynks

    Come on BS, will my comment about Nigel Rodley’s profile on Wikipedia being vandalized should be released, it is of common interest.

  7. pendaticduck

    And the media and politicians say some cancelled concerts are damaging our international reputation. Haven’t heard the Taoiseach saying much about this.

  8. Sidewinder

    Summary – Ireland’s been shitting on women for decades and we’re now doing so passively while pretending the big pile of shit that built up in the 20th century isn’t ours.

  9. Eve

    Anyone ever consider that ABM might stand for A(nonymous) Broadsheet Moderator? To drum up traffic and comments, like?

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