Breifne O’Brien

Former businessman Breifne O’Brien has been sentenced to seven years in jail after pleading guilty to fourteen sample counts of deception and theft involving around €8.5m between 2003 and 2008.

Nobody died, in fairness.

Breifne O’Brien jailed for seven years over €8.5m deception charges (RTÉ)

(Martk Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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24 thoughts on “Too Harsh?

    1. Mr. T.

      What’s a lenient crime?

      “Ah here, I’ll just rob your phone and leave the wallet. I won’t even give you a dig”.

  1. phil

    No political connections.
    Not operating under state license, i.e bank
    Did no business with state , i,e accountancy house
    Has no dirt(body burried) in his back pocket to reveal if sentance is harsh
    Not involved with Public sector contracts
    Burned other wealthy people (probably worst thing he did)
    = harsh sentance or rather suitable sentance…

    1. Tom Stewart

      No it’s not too harsh. What do you want the judge to say? “Ah sure, you only stole €8.5m. That’s grand lad. Off you go.”

      How the hell does that work? Think of how many lives you could ruin by stealing this amount. If all white collar crime was dealt with like this, it might not be so prevalent.

      1. phil

        The sentance was totally suitable, not too harsh, he is protected by our laws, he can appeal if he wishes to do so, if he behaves himself in prison he may get early release after 5 or so years, what I was trying to get at is the sentance is harsh for his so called class, and the reason why? Well I fee its because of what I said in the first post…

        1. Tom Stewart

          I’m in complete agreement with you Phil. I just replied to you by mistake instead of the whole post.

    2. SOMK

      “Burned other wealthy people (probably worst thing he did)
      = harsh sentance or rather suitable sentance…”


      Bernie Madoff, defraud a few rich of billions, sentence: 150 years.

      Jordan Belfort, defrauds thousands of middle earners of billions, sentence: 22 months.

  2. Willie Banjo

    Appropriate sentence. Now judges, benchmark from there. Murder = more than 7 years, stealing loaf of bread = less than 7 years.

    1. rotide

      yay! I hope that rich guy that didn’t physically hurt anyone gets raped repeatedly till his arse bleeds!


      1. Tom Stewart

        I see the point you’re making but the “didn’t physically hurt anyone” part just smacks of apologism. Physically hurt is not the only crime worth talking about. It is not the only way to hurt someone else or damage society. Stop apologising for this low-life.

    2. phil

      Ahh now, he is still a Citizen , no need to gloat, he took a risk, knowingly did something illegal, and recieved a suitable sentance. That should be enough for any of us….

  3. Ms Piggy

    Totally appropriate, it’s heartening to see white collar criminals doing jail time. Shame there haven’t been some sentences like this handed down to certain bank officials.

  4. Mr. T.

    Violence against the person comes in many ways, not all physical.

    Those who defraud can destroy people’s lives. Just a pity those in charge of our big banks have not been put away for a long time.

    But Ireland is run by the rich for the rich so it will never happen without a violent revolution. Then the Merkins would come in and put Puppet Enda back in again.

  5. Sean

    I wondered how many suicides were directly attributable to his reckless and fraudulent gambling?! Hence, I find your closing comment rather ill informed and thoughtless!

  6. Hashtag Diversity

    Trinity grad rips off other Trinity grads. Seems an odd way to behave. But then with free fees TCD undergrads are ripping off the rest of us.

  7. Buzz

    I was expecting him to get 10 years so I think he got off relatively lightly. I have a teeny bit of sympathy for him in that his former wife Fiona Nagle lapped up the money and the new cars, then deserted him when the sh*t hit the fan. She must have known all that moolah wasn’t coming from a laundry. At least his mother stood by him. God knows what he was thinking.

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