9 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Sidewinder

    Fifty quid says it’s not a cure for diabetes. Or at least not as the lay person would understand it. Plus it probably won’t treat type II. Or gestational diabetes. Or CF relates diabetes. Or pancreatic diabetes.

      1. ManAboutCouch

        My son has Type 1 Diabetes. Anything that can improve his daily regime is extremely welcome. This looks very promising, but as some scientists have said “we’re tired of curing it in mice”

  2. Chuckenstein

    UKIP and Nigel sneaking up on the rails. In saying that, UKIP are like SF here – never going to get into government but get solace from the sidelines with a sizeable minority (albeit different sides of the fence).

  3. Chris

    Always nice to start the day with a laugh.

    “Irish Water hopes they’ll volunteer to pay” (then they would be the only people in the country to do so)

    Thanks Irish Mail!

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