Fair Play, Mmkay?



Kilkenny native David O’Reilly creator of The External World and Please Say Something adds another string to his bow.

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9 thoughts on “Fair Play, Mmkay?

  1. Tom Stewart

    Using an add-on in Firefox called “Modify Headers”, I used to be able to watch full episodes of South Park on the official page at:


    But now that they’re managed by Hulu, that seems to have gone down the toilet. Anyone know a way to watch Hulu from Ireland?

      1. Marklar

        I’m not sure if mediahint are charging now, they definitely did for a while. If so you can download an older version of the extension (there’s a few thread on reddit with the link amongst other places) and install it in chromium and it will still be free.

  2. Christopher

    I used to love South Park but around 3 years ago it just got shouty and full of curse words to get laughs. . Every new season that comes up Ive tried to get into it again but after a few minutes I switch it off. :( Really needs to be put down at this stage

    1. Karl Monaghan

      I’ve thought it’s gotten a little less sweary over the years. I particularly liked the episode last week following up on the boys doing a start up. Nice to see things not getting reset at the end of an episode.

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