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A new music video from animator Cyriak Harris, who’s taken a random bit of vintage footage (wherein an old man attempts to eat breakfast in the middle of the road), then run it through the nightmare-o-tron a few times, as is his wont.

Naturally, you’ll have seen his ‘Like And Subscribe’ video for Adam Buxton’s podcast.

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Vanity Fair puts voice actor Tom Kenny on the spot – presenting him with five previously unseen animated characters, inviting him to improvise their likely voices.

Being the voice of Spongebob, Gary the snail, Adventure Time’s Ice King, the Mayor on Powerpuff Girls and many others – Kenny does not disappoint.


Director Jo Roy’s animated video for Meg Myers’ cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ (in which a green-screened Myers was motion-captured into the form of a metamorphosing moth).

The footage was printed off in the form of 3,200+ black and white frames which were then coloured in by  2,100 elementary schoolchildren before being reassembled.