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While the world waits for the next five episodes of series 4, here’s a gory subtitled Japanese version of Rick and Morty written and directed by Kaichi Sato for Studio DEEN in which a group of angry ninja Ricks set out to stop Rick WTM-72, who they think has captured Shogun Morty.


You may have read or watched umpteen would-be explanations of the biological replicator we’re currently facing, but no one puts it as succinctly as German educational design studio Kurzgesagt.

Weeks of work for them.

Eight minutes of your time well spent.

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Why all this hoo-hah about soap and water? Surely we’re better off with that hand sanitiser we managed to wrestle out of the hands of some old lady before Tesco ran out? Nope.

20 seconds with even  the cheapest, nastiest soap spells dissolution and doom for COVID-19, as this usefully kid-friendly video from Vox explains.