6 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. les rock

    Ah the oul mail. Can they go 1 day before hitting sinn fein? No humiliation for the big 3? no just sinn fein

    1. Quint

      It’s a headline designed to put the smug, deluded ‘oppose everything’ Shinners back in their box…

  2. Truth in the News

    The piece in the Mail by John Lee is an attempt twist the facts….SF headed the Poll
    AAA came second and got the seat by transfers, in fact SF in their policy documents
    say they will abolish Water Tax and RPT, in fact what came to end yesterday was
    ignominious defeat of the policies of FG/LAB and FF and a direct challenge
    to austerity with over 70% of the voters casting their votes against them.
    The demise of those who are robbing the Irish People will be a delight to watch
    the next is step is to abolish their privelaged pensions,payouts and perks.

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