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    1. Jackdaw

      It shows that a proper peaceful protest is a powerful and valuable tool. No trouble no hijacking by thugs hell bent on intimidation of people doing their days work. It’s good to see this. Well done.

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        “WATER IS A HUMAN RIGHT” they say.

        “I get ‘paid’ on a Tuesday” they say.

        “Can you not just put it in my bank account?” they say.

        “Having to walk to the post office every Tuesday is a breach of my human rights” they say.

        “The dole is a human” right they say.

        “I like walking in a big group and shouting sentences at the sky” they say.

        If we could just harness the brain power of that lot, we’d cure cancer by the next ‘pay-day’.

      2. DoM

        Yeah, but they did shut down public transport all over the city. Because anyone who isn’t protesting has nowhere important to be, right?

        1. Mr. T.


          They did not shut down public transport all over the city. They diverted traffic from O’Connell Street.

          Public Protest is a vital part of a functioning democracy. You’d soon start to feel it if you couldn’t protest about something conceding you.

          But you’re probably someone who wouldn’t lift a finger to protect anything except your own selfish wants. And I bet you’d walk past someone struggling to open a door while carrying bags, etc. A selfish little island of a person.

          1. DoM

            Wow, slightly over the top response there?

            They also shut down the luas – certainly chunks of the green line, but I presume also the red line. There was no indication ahead of time that the green line wouldn’t be running a normal service.

  1. Jock

    So why did they all vote for FF, FG and labour in the last election? All those parties had water metering in their manifesto.

    1. Niallo

      They could also have had a policy of paving the countries roads in chocolate buttons as long as they fixed the economy and got us our money back (which they didnt)

    2. Max Power

      sure those manifestos are at least a full page of reading…..come on…I aint go no time for that!….

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      My point would be that there’s an apostrophe in it’s in that particular case.
      I prefer the “you can shove your water meter up your f*ckin’ hole” poster that the lads in Clondalkin had last week. More punchy.

    2. Medium Sized C

      Also “County Laois says no to water charges”.
      All of it?
      Or is it just the only thing you can think of to distinguish yourself when you come to Dublin is which feckin county you come from.
      Really what you mean is “I say no to water charges” which is grand, like.

    1. mike

      Pic of anti-water-charges protestor carrying purchased water bottle is in the realm of “no to foreign games at croker” protestor with celtic shirt on.

      1. offMooof

        Well we did pay for the bottled water mike. You do realise how valuable water will be down the line, why hand it over to a private company?

        1. mike

          Oh, so your issue is with paying to a private company. I.e. the water charges would be fine if the government continued to provide the service but charged for it. Based on the posters shown in the pics, I’m not sure that is the view of the majority of the marchers. Its more of, “I dont have any money left”, “Revolt” “No to water charges”.

          And again, ironically, River Rock, or whomever sold the bottle is one of those evil private companies.

  2. The Insight

    Anyone notice the fella with the “Stop Legal Terrorism” sign? Think he joined the wrong march!

  3. Louis Lefronde

    ISTM….that the void created by the half-wits of Irish parliamentary politics, is being filled by free radical marxists loonies with simple mantras, and simple solutions that simple minded people can understand.

    It’s kind of humorous to observe from the sidelines.

    Apart from getting 10,000 people onto O’Connell street – what exactly have they achieved?

    1. deliverancecountry

      There were maybe 3,000 , tops. They should have been working or watching Sky Sports. The experts have done the sums and this is the answer so STFU.

      1. Italia'90

        Were either of you there?
        This demonstration was as big, if not bigger than the ICTU demo a couple of years ago and these people have no national organisation. It was an incredible turn out and you have to give credit where it is due.
        TBH, I don’t object to paying for water, I have to buy bottled water every week. I was there because of the cack-handed way IW has been imposed on the already overburdened taxpayer. It’s another quango with incredible benefits for those involved and another “jobs for the gombeens” in the gift of incompetent politicians.
        I’ve been paying for my water all along like everyone else, through the increased vat charge and the increased motor tax from years ago. I’m now paying local property tax for services(isn’t water a service?) on top of the property maintenance fee I’ve been paying since I bought my house a few years ago.
        Enough already.

          1. Niallo

            Well, this is government coffers were talking about so, a fair percentage would be getting swallowed by the black hole that is the health service.
            But thats a rant for another day.

        1. Mister Mister

          The last picture, “This Government has no left me enough to live on”.

          As someone who looks like a retiree, you need to take a look at yourself too.

        2. Mayor Quimby


          If you have a well you have to pay out of my pocket but don’t get any refund on income tax.

          Therefore you cannot say people on the mains already pay.

          If you are not resident in Ireland but have a holiday home you don’t pay anything.

          If you’re a retired millionaire you don’t pay – you still get your old age pension…

    2. 15 cents

      its the only way the public can incite change. based purely on showing the government that if X amount of people are protesting, that it means less votes come election time. good example is how the old are taken care of, because they vote en mass. dunno why im sayin this tho, ur a typical negative, pass remarking broadsheet commenter

    3. Gers

      SF here, UKip in UK, FN in France – yes, its happening in a few countries indeed. Going to be hard to stop as of course the “little people” is a major voting power in each of these countries. Well done to the FG,FF, Tories, Labor and UMP or PS, by ignoring the masses they will now be ousted in favour of more radical parties that the middle and higher class dont want to see in power.

      1. Rob_G

        SF won’t get into power here; they know that they can make all sorts of crazy promises as they will not have to follow them through after the next elections. Sinn Fein actually support water charges in Northern Ireland, so their position here smacks of bandwaggoning.

    1. Italia'90

      They were on their way to the Aviva.
      Now fupp off Joxer/Joe Chambers/Bob/Rob or whatever troll account you want to use today.
      You were caught out by your own incompetence here a couple of years ago.
      I’m sure I’m not the only one on here who remembers you.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      Wow, that’s disgusting. Also a PR gift to Fine Gael if they are cynical enough to use it.

  4. Atticus

    Broadsheet commentators are a funny bunch. Posters complain about apathy, but when people actually get off their arses and do something all the snidey comments come out.

      1. Mister Mister

        Shush you FG/Labour/Irish Water/Denis O’Brien stooge. Tick whichever the anti whatever crowd think is the cool thing is to call people these days

    1. rotide

      Change the signs to ‘keep your hands off my uterus’ and the comments become very different. The double standards meters are working perfectly anyway.

    2. Mr. T.

      Yep. Always the same. People sitting on their asses giving out but don’t have the guts to even go on a regular protest…. afraid of being branded as lefty loonies and what the neighbours will think.

      It’s good old social class snobbery. Nobody wants to look like they’re working class or middle class with money worries.

      All fur coat and no knickers.

      1. Joe Malone

        Protesting has a track record of very often achieving nout in this country as it’s dismissed by the government and their puppet broadcaster RTE keep it low key for em.

        I can see this having some positive impart for those on social welfare and a negative impact for the tax paying folk of this country who will yet again be asked to cough up the funds to cover the ever increasing social welfare drain that is modern Ireland.

        Joe didn’t attend this protest because the backers of it, the AAA, who don’t give two flying f’s about any worker of this country unless of course they are in a menial job on minimum wage.

        News flash AAA, some workers want careers not just jobs, they want to be treated with respect for working hard and not have their pay check decimated with tax for doing so. If the AAA want to get anywhere in politics they need to start getting all worker on their side, that are failing at that.

  5. Kolmo

    Gawd, a lot of the contributors here are so smart, they should be running the country, wow, impressive to see you all pissing on people from your safe perches. Imagine having the temerity to take time out of one’s day to protest at a significant cost of living increase (for some), in a country with an already very high cost of living, while seeing mind-melting arrogance of the insulated political classes, cronyism and neo-liberal manipulation of nearly all of our media to suit, and a Government so evidently/willingly powerless in the face of corporate interests, it”s us paying 42% of the EU Private banking debt with only 0.9% of the EU population that really kills me..

    1. Niallo

      A belief I’ve held for a long time.
      The irishmans apathy and ability to talk and talk and talk without taking any action beggars belief.
      We will happily stand idly and say “oh look at that over there, thats terrible, but it doesnt directly affect me right now so i’m not doing or saying anything about it”
      Or, for short “ah sure”
      If this were libya, or italy say,
      Some of these chancers would find themselves hanging by their bootheels from a lamppost.
      But here ? “Ah sure, it’ll be grand”
      We deserve all we get.

      1. offMooof

        We don’t deserve it we really don’t. We do deserve better than jobs netted with 12.5% and a broken workforce. It’s not like the neo liberal economic model is the only one going. Come out on nov 1st and unite with your people.

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