18 thoughts on “Beetle Bum

        1. epson aculaser c100

          Did that first thing this morning, well first thing after I caught a glimplse Carol Kirkwood
          on the box.
          Countdown is on soon, I try again then, might get the last bit out.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    It’s a ‘thing’ now… rusty looking cars. One of those channels way, way, way up on the EPG had a programme on it. So it must be huge …..with all 6* enthusiasts.

    (*Figure pulled from a rusty bucket)

  2. The Old Boy

    There’s a chap in one of those houses into old cars. That green Land Rover is always there and sometimes there’s a light blue one as well. I stopped to chat to him once; he’s a grumpy sod.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    One of these, bright orange, 1978, scuttered pass me this morning …the NOISE of the things.

  4. Phil

    That’s mine! And I’m not the ‘grumpy sod’ who owns the landrover! I was just parked in his spot!

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