18 thoughts on “Golf Balls

    1. Lan

      Not really, selling something as somethings its not is extremely dishonest or just extremely stupid.
      Also Anniversaries are worth about 2 grand more (minimum) than the standard golf it clearly is. Its not like they’re arguing who’d win in a fight, superman or batman….

  1. Mr. T.

    Loads of people try to pass off ordinary Golfs and GTI versions.

    Only Mark I and Mark II are cool. They were crap after that until the Mark V GTI.

    The Big Daddy though is the VR6.

    1. Lan

      The VR6? Really? A very nice noise but heavy and fairly underpowered for its displacement.
      Put a VR6 in a mk2 though….
      Give me a 3.2 v6 (same problems as the VR6 but a lot nicer noise)

      1. Mr. T.

        Nope. Dark green big bumper Mark II. Brought in from UK last year. Only 60K on the clock which is good going.

  2. Kevin Keegan

    I love it when items being missold on adverts.ie and the like are publically called out.Love it.

    1. Lan

      Not all no. The anniversary models all had GTI in the grill though. Even the TDIs which is a little odd…

  3. Tony the Toy Gur

    VW Golfs are sad cars. Whether it is an anniversary edition or not, you still look like a moron driving one.

    1. Mr. T.

      How can you look like a moron driving any kind of Golf.

      A Nissan Juke now. That’s a tw*t’s car.

  4. fmong

    Adverts.ie has become a trolling hotbed lately.. put something up and someone will start ripping this piss and trashing your price soon enough.. it’s making it a less plesant place to buy and sell.. I never thought it was possible to wage a flame war across the comment sections of some small adverts, but they proved me wrong

    1. cathal

      He deserved to be trolled, he’s trying to pass off a low spec golf gti for a much higher value anniversary edition because it says that on the log book.

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