31 thoughts on “Oh Tesco

  1. Goldbaaren

    This is an outrage. I am outraged. Are we just going to just lie in our gin-filled pools of vomit or are we going to do something about this?

    1. munkifisht

      I know. People march for water charges, but who’s marching for disposable razors. Well it changes now. 30th oct O’connoll st, the Hairless Womens Fannys at a Reasonable Price Match to the Dail. I’m expecting 8 trillion people but, as usual, it won’t be reported on the RTE.

  2. Joe835

    Do we know for sure that the women’s ones are the same? I once used a pink disposable razor fresh out of the packet on my face and I looked like Carrie after it. My wife said it’s a different kind of blade because it’s different hair/skin etc.

    1. Stash

      I too have experienced the unpleasant sensation of shaving with a ladies razor and would expect them to be different. A quick search online found that this question has plagued mankind since the dawn of time (early 1950s at least). However, the good people at readers digest have the answer for us:


      For those short on time, the answer is that they are subtly different in terms of blade & head angle, as well as comfort strips & guard bars.

      1. Janet

        Or flatmates… sorry getting carried away with the endless possibilities of never buying that pink rubbish again.

  3. Medium Sized C

    Is anyone else getting the comment forms filling from the right?
    Am I the only person suffering from a rogue rule in calculator.css?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The Broadsheet Wizard is saying “It looks like you’re writing a letter – need some help?'”

        1. John Cassidy

          Not for me, it’s not. I wonder have I been somehow sent through a wormhole and I am actually in an Islamic state where writing from the right is their thing?
          I bloody hope not. I enjoy being a homosexual.

  4. Medium Sized C

    Oh and womens razors are always more expensive than mens.
    I guess either the pink plastic is more expensive or Women are being taken advantage of.

  5. Johnny B

    Mind blown: isn’t shaving against the feminist charge anyway? So confused by the point being made!

  6. Sarah

    I always buy the mens razors, women’s razors have always been more expensive.
    Although rumour has it that condoms in those bathroom vending machines are more expensive in the gents than the ladies.

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