10 thoughts on “Old Man Look At My Life

  1. Dhaughton99

    These health care type jobs paying €9 an hour is all that’s seems available on the fas website as well. The new economy: looking after someone else’s ma.

  2. Ismise

    I worked in that place for nine months as a care assistant – nine long, gruelling, unappreciative, overworked months. I was on €8 an hour, and worked 12 hour days in a unit with 32 residents. Most days there was only 3 care staff to a unit. That meant I was solely responsible for at least 10 people at any time who needed constant care. This all in a place where the cheapest bed was €900 a week.
    The management ran the care home like a business (which I suppose it is really), where staff were as disposable as incontinence pads. I’m not at all surprised that they would be all about job bridge extortion. If costs could be cut – they did it.
    Working in an environment such as a care home is extremely emotionally and physically draining. The fact that they won’t even fork out minimum wage for staff that are supposed to give care to those in their last days is simply diabolical and disgusting.

  3. Eoin Bairéad

    And is it just me – “Sit FETAC Level 5 in HOUSE exams”. Will the successful candidate have FETAL Level 5 or not?

  4. Kolmo

    Hey! Stop complaining – how do you think the owner is going to pay for their 2015 Range Rover? Not by paying you, there not

  5. John E. Bravo

    If you were in a script meeting for a satire on modern economical models, this idea would be rejected as being far too on the nose.

  6. Evenprime

    Owners should be pegged with rotten tomatoes in the stocks for being such sheisters. Feck Joan in with then too but leave her there for 9 months

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