German ‘red tops’ react to last night’s European Championship 1-1 draw with Ireland last night.

Ha ha.

RTL-Fluch für Jogis Jungs? (Bild)

How Germany And Europe Reacted To John O’Shea’s Goal (

Thanks Stephen Hennelly and John E Bravo (for header)

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27 thoughts on “O’Sheadenfreude

    1. Jess

      My german is a little hazy but ill give it a go

      RTL – Fluch fur jogis jungs? I think this is a comment on RTEs coverage of the water protests, big talking point in germany i believe

      Jogi, IHR macht uns IRRE! – Jogi and the Institute for historical review examine the IRA.

    2. 3stella

      Here via google translate, not me….

      The World Cup kicks continue in stutter mode: Jogi’s boys have the worst start in a European Championship or World Cup qualifiers ever laid. A victory (Scotland), a draw (Ireland) , a defeat (Poland) – that has never happened before. Against Poland and Ireland came the German national team at 53: 8 Shots, but only to 1: 3 goals and a point. The reasons: The world champion act tired and overplayed, many injured (Schweinsteiger, Khedira, Ozil), and the resignations of Lahm, Klose and Mertesacker have not been compensated.

      Or is there perhaps another – mysterious – the reason for the weak games in the European Championship qualifier ? If you believe the British, it could be due to private broadcaster RTL … The England-press speaks of a world curse, since the private broadcaster ITV has secured the broadcasting rights for 1982 World Championships (formerly BBC). The bitter balance: England has since won only 21 percent of its World Cup matches. Three wins since 1982 …

      Threatens Jogi a RTL-curse?
      Fact: Since the private TV channel is the European Championship qualifiers, it no longer runs around the world champion. The reasons lie elsewhere anyway. If there is no victory (in Nuremberg on 14 November) but also in the next qualifying match against Gibraltar, RTL maybe should think about a spiritual healer …

    1. Wayne.F

      An away draw, against the current world champions, that leaves us 3 points ahead of the world champions in our qualifying group. Yep the result is a draw but those fact are #winning

    2. squiggleyjoop

      I felt an extremely intense burst of joy when the goal went in. Jumped up shouting and the like. It was great. Spent the next hour with a big smile on my happy face. Must make sure not to be so flippant with my joy and happiness next time.

  1. ZeligIsJaded

    Just goes to show – if you sit through this sh1t for long enough, sometimes something happens.

  2. John E. Bravo

    Oh my god I don’t log in for a couple of hours and I see this… Not one of my friends will ever hear the end of this glory.

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