10 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Eoghany

    That’s a really great illustration. It’s amazing how blatantly divided Europe is on this issue between East and west. I’m grateful to live in the right part of Europe in this regard.

    1. mauriac

      a bit harsh to condemn them for not overturning thousands of years of tradition to your specific timetable.

      1. spider

        I’m pretty sure gay bashing is a more recent phenomenon… It was certainly around during the Greek and Celtic eras…

  2. spider

    OMG its out of control… no gays before 1989, the continent is full of them by 2014… It’s an epidemic I tells you… did everyone get their gay shots? This thing is spreading faster than ebola…

  3. rotide

    Pity we didn’t have this during the hysterical cries of ‘Ireland is a 3rd world country cos there’s no gay marriage’ codology.

    People round here are so dramatic.

  4. Chris

    Very shocking. And now a US healthcare worker who followed all CDC protocols and wore full hazmat clothing and protection STILL caught some Gay when exposed

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