The Patience of Job



Via Gfmurphy 101:

“Just had a look at the “Find a Job with Jobs Ireland” on the INTREO website….for the County Limerick area, at the time I accessed the page there were ‘(129 Positions)’ available …….only problem is 34 of those positions are JobBridge internships & 25 are positions on CE [Community Employment] Schemes……so of the 129 jobs on offer 59 are actually ‘non paying’ jobs……or in % terms 45.73% of the jobs on offer are on schemes…..imagine that ….nearly half the jobs advertised ARE NOT really jobs…..over to you Joan [Burton] ..”

Creating Jobs…Like These Joan? (Gfmurphy101)

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16 thoughts on “The Patience of Job

    1. Odis

      No, the website being referred to here is basically the old FÁS website You can still get to it, with this link.

      You’ve had the option to select “Jobs” for years now. And unsurprisingly these are fairly scarce in culchie land.

      I don’t see any difficulty with this. Where it says “Type:” select “Job” from the drop down box. See no problem.

      Why would anyone blame Joan Burton for a lack of real jobs? Doesn’t anyone on Broadsheet go to the financial websites, or for that matter understand what Burton’s job really entails?

      Or is it just that whining about Burton, is this years thing?

      (sent on my i-Phone 8)

  1. Dhaughton99

    The amount of jobs advertised on FAS is ridiculous. Jobs bridge, CE and low paid health care is all that’s available including Dublin. And now they are bringing in another 750 case workers run by a British ‘back to work’ type agency to get you to take the 50 euro a week jobs from January.

    It’s the new economy.

  2. Spartacus

    I agree that the FAS/SOLAS,/INTREO/whatevertheycallitthisweek website is pants, but in fairness if you filter by selecting “Job” under the “Type” dropdown, it returns 65 jobs for Co. Limerick, including self’ employment “opportunities”

  3. 15 cents

    before jobsbridge i used to check fas for jobs and it was a hidden gem. there were always a good few in my field there. then once jobsbridge came in, literally none of them were paid jobs .. all jobsbridge rubbish. so all those companies willing to pay for staff, now get them for free instead. the guys i worked for on jobsbridge were cowboys of the highest order. fas asked me for a review, and i told them about what cowboys these lads were, and they couldnt care less. didnt even respond. asking for a review was literally for someone to tick a box of a list of things they had to do. jobsbridge is the worst scheme of all time. it means no one starting out, or with only a small bit of experience, can hope to make enough money to live on for a very long time. making for a lot of depressed 20-40 year olds. its frustrating how little the government care about the people, or ever will.

  4. jungleman

    The most galling thing about these free labour schemes is that they take anyone doing them off the live register, and they then claim this reduction in the live register is equal to “jobs created” by the government.

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