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Deputy Clare Daly this morning raised the issue of employees of Hertz Car Hire who were paid an hourly rate of €2.46. The national minimum wage is €8.65 per hour.

The employees were told the figure was due to “emergency tax” and it would be rectified.

Hertz rely heavily on European workers who are more vulnerable the deputy said.

Deputy Daly described it as fraud. Minister of State at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Ged Nash said it was a criminal offence.

Fuppin’ rental, in fairness.

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22 thoughts on “Hertz The Reputation

  1. dhaughton99

    Some lad was protesting outside a cafe in Dalkey on Sunday. Was being paid 3.30 an hour.

    People still sat outside beside and had coffee. I’d be morto to sit there if the workers were being paid that.

  2. Odis

    They prosecute directors of businesses in the UK, that are guilty of breaking the law, and if they continue to offend they put them in prison, for either contempt of a court order, or as part of the sentence.

    No surprises, its a tactic that ensures compliance.

  3. Kolmo

    Modern day capitalism = Keep fu*king them over till you get caught….then a sorry or two….spread a bit of PR…it’ll be grand..

    If it is a criminal offense why has there been no prosecutions?

  4. Mr. T.

    All part of the race to the bottom policies of Governments like Fine Gael’s. Same all over open market capitalist states and parties like FG ensuring it happens everywhere so big corporations can make even more profit without paying their employees a fair wage.

    Fine Gael don’t care because none of their members are in the minimum wage sector and all their mates own companies that benefit from it.

  5. Mr gt

    This is not true. I know from a number of my acquaintances that hertz is a great employer and one of the largest employers in North county Dublin. Very unfortunate that Clare daly is raising such false allegations. Does td daly want a proper running firm to get into unnecessary trouble and putting so many jobs at risk. ReAlly a pity that such political gimmicks are aired like this.

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