19 thoughts on “Actual Sign

  1. Simon

    I have loads of these things knocking around the place but never have any use for them. Who actually uses these and for what. Does the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive not make these things redundant?

    1. Crank

      I dunno, if you’re making presentations away from home, or working somewhere you’re not used to, it’s always best not to rely on the availability of wifi. Also, I know a lot of students don’t have laptops of their own and use college computers, and sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to save large files to one of these.

    2. Odis

      No. You are rarely let down by these yokes, but I’ve been let down by dropbox. If you want to keep a secure backup of your information they are just the job.
      They are also quick, whereas accessing broadband, (if available) can be fierce slow outside of Dublin.

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