00142891RTÉ’s managing director of Radio Jim Jennings

“There is a market out there for radio talent. Your point that we are overpaying is not true, I don’t agree with it,” he said in response to Fine Gael TD Patrick O’Donovan [during yesterday’s Oireachtas Committee on Tourism, Transport and Sport]. “If we were, we would have paid the money to keep Pat Kenny on Radio 1, but we didn’t.”
Mr Jennings said that contrary to popular perceptions, six of the top 10 paid radio broadcasters were in the commercial sector rather than RTÉ


Name those six anyone?

RTÉ denies overpaying top radio presenters (Ronan McGreevy, irish Times)

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21 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. King Thistle

    My guess… In no particular order : Ray Darcy, George Hook, Pat Kenny, Matt Cooper, Mario Rosenstock, Scott Williams… And I’d say Dermot Whelan and Ray Foley are in the vicinity too. Question is though how would he know how much the commercial sector is paying unless he’d approached them at some stage.

  2. Soundings

    The Top 10 are likely to those earning more than €200,000.

    In response to Jim Jennings

    “Marian Finucane, €295,000, feck off”

  3. ahyeah

    Still means that 4 of the top 10 earners are with the state broadcaster. In pretty much every other sector, the dominant force (which is RTE in this case) pays lower than the others. In exchange for lower pay, employees get way better job security and prestige – goes for Google, Irish Times, Trinity College…. should also go for RTE.

    1. Mé Féin

      Trinity is state supported. The Irish Times relies on massive unofficial state support too such as free copies for thousands of civil servants and quango queens/kings, and advertising.
      Of all those in your list, only Google isn’t Irish.

      1. ahyeah

        It’s not a list, it’s a couple of examples.

        And I don’t see your point.

        What I’m saying is that RTE doesn’t have to pay high salaries – some might leave for higher pay elsewhere, but most would stick around because they value the better job security and prestige that comes with working for RTE. The examples I used – Google, Trinity, Irish Times – all pay lower than alternatives because they know they can get away with it: people prefer to work for Trinity over Griffith College, Google over some random IT company etc. RTE should be exploiting this, too – and cut the high salaries.

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