26 thoughts on “Boom Chicka Wah Wah

  1. Justin Disminute

    Available soon as a Skoda with a much bigger boot and with a piercing headlamps, shinny dashboard, slightly over weight female or small in stature male behind the steering wheel and an extra 20k on the asking price as an Audi.

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    That’s not an Irish reg, from what I can see.
    I’m too lazy to hoof it around to Adelaide Road to check it.

    1. Lan

      Who gives a damn about being a “eco-wanker”? The thing runs off fumes, I’d have that just because I’m stingy.

      As for looks? There are better looking cars for 110, but theres a lot far far more dull and boring looking cars out there with that price tag too….

  3. garthicus

    * For those who want the chance to drive the VW XL1, they will be available for public test drives tomorrow between 10am and 4pm at Frank Keane VW on the Long Mile Road, Dublin 12.

  4. Kieran NYC

    I don’t care. I like it.

    Most cars are boring and samey. Something like this is a breath of fresh air!

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