How Many Litres?



A detail from Irish Water’s ‘customer’ booklet

Dan writes:

After phoning Irish Water looking for clarification on a few items on their form, the subject of allowance arose.I was told that each household is entitled to 15,000 and not 30,000 as specified in the booklet (above). I argued that the booklet reads 30,000 but I was told that I wasn’t reading it correctly, and that it might be badly worded but that if I read it properly, I would see that it says the household is entitled to 15,000. If it’s just a typo, than it seems a pretty big one.”



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67 thoughts on “How Many Litres?

  1. Custo

    30,000 litres is the allowance. I don’t see how they could claim that it’s ‘badly worded’ it’s pretty explicit in it’s wording as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Zynks

      Good link. It also says: “You will only get the free allowances if you pay your bills in a timely manner. If you don’t pay your bills, Irish Water can reduce your water supply. However, you will not be cut off completely.”

      So if the bills are not paid, you lose the allowance AND your water supply is reduced, whatever that means. Nice.

      1. Zynks

        PS. That is a penalty of €186 for a household with three kids that pays late. ((3x 21k + 30k)*0.002). Is that correct?

      2. Atticus

        I love the scare tactic of

        “Irish Water can reduce your water supply. However, you will not be cut off completely.”

        How are exactly are they going to do this? They can’t even stop you from un-installing your water meter! They have no facility to reduce the supply to any household.

        1. Disasta

          They can come to your house and turn the knob under your since while you sleep. But in the off change they need to use the jacks you can shoot them and claim its an intruded and get off lightly.

          Can I link them in Ireland? People get away with ludicrous stuff here right?

          1. ProvingGround

            Why is everyone so shocked about this glorious fuppduggery?

            Thousands of civil service and local authority staff have just been violently thrust into the real world of work.

            Having to do a coherent, productive and full day’s work is probably beyond the capacity of a lot of them!

    2. IDB

      So does that mean that a house with one adult gets an allowance of 30,000 and a house of 6 adults gets 30,000? Do only children get an allowance?

        1. ReproBertie

          Because low earners have no children? Because low earners live in groups of 5 adults or more? Because low earners shower three times a day?

          1. Disasta

            I’m presuming low earners probably live with parents for longer or have grandparents in the same house or something?

          2. IDB

            Shit. I really though every individual in the country got the same minimum water allowance.
            I think the lower earner argument is that if you can afford to live on your own, you get 30,000 litres free. But If you can only afford to share with 5 others, you effectively get 5,000 litres free.

  2. Tom Stewart

    And a couple of days ago, Irish Water reps on Twitter were telling people that their landlords would be liable for their water charges if they skipped out on the bill. They had soon reversed this position to the “correct” one.

    One error like this I could understand, but now they’re sending letters to people giving them 30,000 litres but when asked, they state that it’s really 15,000?

    It seems as though these “mistakes” favour Irish Water. Two in a row suggests something fishy is up.

    1. mike

      If you see goldfish in your water, there is probably an additional charge for that. Unless goldfish are the bonus.

  3. Dublin, Ohio

    The whole thing is a disaster. My pack arrived in the post with the incorrect address.
    I rang up and asked for it to be corrected.
    “Sorry our system doesn’t allow us to make this change”


    1. Paul

      Then it would seem they don’t have you on their system and you’ll never have to pay a bill. Happy days!

  4. Odis

    Ingrate! Just pay you money and stop petty whining. Dontchano they pay fifty times this amount in the UK, and you never hear a peep out of them.

  5. Cian

    Irish Waters outsourced customer service reps are so terrible, they make the original eFlow (if people can remember the debacle then) ones seem competent and assured in their knowledge

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yep. That eFlow business was a disaster too – there were 3 or 4 different toll tag companies all trying to make a killing with the new toll system. Same greedy, arrogant sh*t as what’s going on here. Junior Cert students would do a better and more innovative job in running these state companies.

  6. Irish Pizzwater question (IPW)

    Is the rumour true IPW are putting up a new car as a prize in every county if one pays one’s water bill on time ? or did I just dream that.

  7. Murtles

    * Landlords have to pay….. ahem sorry, landlords don’t have to pay
    * It’s not a bonus, its performance related pay….. ahem, it’ll be actually be deducted off their pay if they don’t meet targets.
    * It’s 30,000 litres….. ahem, sorry, it’s 15,000 litres
    * We’ll be the sole authority for pipe maintenance and repair…… one of our workers broke your pipe installing the water meter? Ahem, well we won’t start fixing pipes until January.

    Screenplay for new comedy is just writing itself.

  8. Syco14

    I rang them yesterday and during the process she said “and would you like to provide your bank details to set up a direct debit?” to which I answered “eh no not really, how else can you sort payment?” to which she replied “direct debit is the only way to pay.” Why ask then?!

    1. Jimi

      Hold on, you have to pay by Direct Debit? so what happens if you don’t have a bank account? It’s entirely possible to be denied an account by the banks.

    2. Harry the Horse

      In the booklet that arrived with the form to “apply” for a water supply that I already have, Irish Water list direct debit as “one” of the ways to pay. You can also pay by cheque, or cash (if I remember correctly). I reckon whoever wrote the booklet for Irish Water is either very shy or has absolutely no mates in work, as they clearly talked to nobody before sending it to print.

      1. Syco14

        She said that these alternative ways to pay will be made available in “the future”, but for now direct debit is the only way.

  9. Rob Keane

    Its obviously stating that its 30,000 litres is the allowance but you have to consider that with all the leaking pipes, the undrinkable water you will only get 15,000 litres………

  10. jungleman

    Noonan yesterday: “water is such a scarce resource”.

    It’s pissing rain outside. Has been for a while now.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Conservation, collection, resource management is very far from their minds. Too many €€€s in the way.

      1. jungleman

        I wouldn’t mind so much if he at least put a bit of effort into his spin and said: “yeah we have loads of water in Ireland but our resources for using it are scarce/poor”. It’s such a lazy and stupid thing to try and bluff the Irish people with “water is such a scarce resource”.

    2. Niallo

      Why didnt he just respond with “oh just pay it, and stop asking questions of your superiors, peasant !”
      Should send this lad and big phil out to saudi to sell sand and oil to the arabs.
      Now for another bottle of (soon to be cheaper than water) scotch.

    3. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      He’s also said the water charges are “modest”. Maybe on a minister’s wage they are, you KN*BJOCKEY.

  11. Niamh

    I’m a wee bit confused at all of this. My meter was installed a while back but I’ve never received any request from Irish Water for my details. I assume a bill will just arrive for “the householder” or something but I’ll be mighty pissed off if I lose any allowance on the basis of them not having asked for my info. We’re a two adult household so it’s just the basic allowance anyway, surely they’ve no need to verify anything if I’m only getting the minimum allowance everyone is entitled to, shouldn’t that just be applied to everyone in the first place?

    1. Tucker Done

      OMG Niamh. How about asking Irish Water instead of the comments section of website frequented by sarcastic sh!theads like me?

    2. GiGi

      You’ve to ring them and register Niamh but I (from personal experience) will give you a few things you should do.
      1. Ring on a Sunday. Last Sunday there was a 3 to 5 minute wait time as opposed to weekdays where I have spent 40 minutes waiting for someone to take my call. They are open 7 days a week but Sunday from 8am to 8pm is your best bet.

      2. Decide is it you or your other halves name the water bill should be in… there are tax credits so whoever benefits most should make the call. I say this because in our case it is my husband who is PAYE but when I rang to register our water in his name they would not speak to me… It’s a data protection issue. Also the person calling has to provide a PPS number.
      3. Direct debit is NOT mandatory. How do I know this? Because my husband was offered the choice last Sunday to pay when his bill arrived whichever way he wished.
      4. All they ask is a few basic questions… Number of adults j. Household, number if children, correct address.
      5. Finally ask for your water account number and your PIN before hanging up because we didn’t so we had to ring back in Monday and wait another 40 minutes listening to elevator music before we could get it. This number allows us to see our account details online ECG.

      Hope that helps. : )

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