Here’s Peter With The Long Term Forecast



It’s going to be really cold.

Then mild.

And really cold again.

“The overall theme will be large variations from some quite cold spells (expected about once a month) to very mild spells. This may be true of most winters to some extent, but I think it may stand out as the dominant feature due to the large differences involved.”
“I expect the colder portions of the winter (the next five months, that is) to be mid-November, a spell in early December, parts of early to mid January, and possibly a longer and more dominant cold spell late February into March. You can see from that schedule when the milder intervals are predicted, and this would include Christmas into New Years. A period around 4-7 January might be particularly volatile and provide some very strong winds as well as a sharp drop in temperatures leading to a brief wintry spell….

Controversial Canada-based climatologist Peter O’Donnell

Irish Winter 2014-15 Forecast (WeatherOnline)

Thanks Darragh Joyce

26 thoughts on “Here’s Peter With The Long Term Forecast

  1. Ultach

    Like last year. And the year before that. And before that. And before that. And before that. And before that. And before that. Can’t remember the year before that, but the year before that was basically the same. As were most years before that. Apart from that one year…

  2. Mister Mister

    Is this a real forecast ? It’s just short of telling us it will get bright in the mornings and dark at night.

  3. Paul

    This winter, it will be cold. It will also be stormy, in the winter.

    Wow, brilliant forecasting there. No one ever thought there’d be storms and cold in the winter.

  4. Del McG

    Until I hear it from a Donegal postman, a Pennsylvania groundhog or a New Zealand maths teacher/musician/clown, I ain’t buying it

  5. Selfie Sensation

    I predict that this winter it will be cold. Some periods of the winter will be more cold and other periods (most likely at the start and end of this winter) will be less cold than the other cold periods. In addition there will be periods of unpredictable weather as well as periods of high wind and precipitation.

    That is my Prediction for the the weather in Ireland/the Northern Hemisphere this winter, its every bit as detailed as this guys and I guarantee it to be 100% accurate, can I call myself a controversial climatologist now?

  6. Ray

    the sun will be shining, but sometimes it will be hidden by clouds.

  7. Wayne Carr

    The only thing controversial here is the inclusion of the border in the above picture. What is the bloody point in that?

  8. keg2boost

    I know the comments here suggest that everyone smells bullshit but just to reinforce that pungent odour: it is widely reported in meteorological literature that any weather forecast past 10-12 days in a temperate climate such as ireland is complete guesswork. the laws of chaos theory say that it is pretty much impossible to predict outcomes in something with that many variations even if you had the biggest computer ever made and all the measuring equipment possible. Anyway, im sure this Canadian fella knows this and yet is still making money off these ridiculous, and very vague forecasts which im sure a lot of people and media sources fall for

    1. Brian Walsh

      it’s just his prediction, he’s entitled to have make one… regardless of how vague/bad/useless i you think it is… head over to the weather forum on boards and read the full post …

      If for no other reasons, you’ll know where to find him if things don’t pan out as he predicted. (although it might be best avoided around the time that snow is predicted – it get’s kind of chaotic over there then)

      FWIW, He’s not selling anything – or if he is, he’s making it very hard to buy it, so it’s not a money making exercise…

  9. munkifisht

    My forecast is morons believing that anyone anywhere can predict anything as complex as the weather anything with any accuracy to more a few days.

    You’re basically getting in the realms of talking about UFOs and homoeopathy here BS.

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