Mairia Cahill leaving government buildings yesterday

Mike Ribble asks:

“Are there implications about who’s telling the truth about policing if Maíria Cahill was on the dissident RNU [Republican Network For Unity] ard comhairle in 2011?”

Enda Kenny: ‘Sinn Fein’s attempts to discredit Mairia Cahill utterly despicable’ (Cormac Byrne, Independent.ie)

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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44 thoughts on “Implications

  1. David

    More mud slinging against a brave rape victim.

    Could you imagine if we treated the victims of institutional or clerical abuse in this way?

    1. Atlas


      Bizarre, SF-mandated conspiracy theories, pseudolegal contract law and pesudoscientific anti-fluoridation posts are now par for course at the decreasingly relevant blog that is Broadsheet.ie. Shame really.

      1. Ray Luna

        Careful now. Expressing any views here that goes against their narrow view of the world will get you labelled a shrill.

      2. Chompsky

        Atlas, We have no affiliation with any party (other than John Moynes who is a Labour Party member). We highlighted the BBC Spotlight programme before transmission, posted a clip of Máiria Cahill’s interview (with transcript) the day after broadcast (which received little interest until the polls came out that weekend) and have explored a previous SF-related abuse cover up in the last few days. And we do not support anyone making political capital out of rape which is what this post is about and why we linked to the Independent story..
        Also we take no firm, collective position on fluoride, post regularly from real scientists of every hue on all matters almost daily and the fairly formidable (in fairness) Legal Coffee Drinker takes exception to your term ‘psuedolegal’. Thank you.

  2. Rep

    I have no idea what this mean. I saw some other republican blogger imply that it was not a rape but a year long relationship that ended which she took badly.

      1. Rep

        I thought it very unlikely but it does seem that republicans are out in force attempting to discredit her in any way they can.

        1. Soundings

          Yep, am hearing there is an orchestrated campaign this coming weekend to knock this whole incident on its head.

          At this stage, there appear to be only three areas of dispute between Mairia Cahill and Sinn Fein.

          (1) Was there an IRA investigation/interrogation/rape court
          (2) If yes, who were the participants
          (3) If yes, was there a time when Mairia Cahill was confronted by her alleged abuser

        2. Sinabhfuil

          Yeah, it’s like the way Catholic Church spokesmen and spokeswomen took to referring to “teenagers” “having sex” when talking about the rape of schoolchildren. Rape is rape, child abuse is child abuse.

    1. well

      That blogger has effectively vindicated her no one can question if it occurred when the alleged perpetrator is disputing how it occurred.

    2. Odis

      Yeah these are different times, we are talking about the Swinging Nineties, and lots of teenage girls used to try and have sex with the meanest terrorists.

  3. Tómas Russell

    Adams’s story is that Máiria was told by her uncle, former Provo chief Joe Cahill, to take her complaint to the police.

    The above, re: RNU, would explain why she didn’t go to the police, rather than the Indo media narrative that she couldn’t for fear of Provo reprisal.

    Whatever about that, she was a member of the republican movement & writing for An Phoblacht in 2004.

  4. Dubloony

    This seems to have really rattled SF to the core in a way that other historical episodes hasn’t.
    The reaction is extraordinary. So what else is to come out?

    1. jungleman

      What I find most extraordinary is the blatant political game-playing on this story by FF and FG. They’re acting with complete disregard for the principle that such matters are for the police and prosecution services. As I said in another thread, I have not seen Enda Kenny so outspoken on Cardinal Brady.

      1. Kieran NYC

        If a politician from FG was implicated in a rape cover-up, you think SF would have nothing to say about it? Really?

          1. aretheymyfeet

            nah, think war is economics by other means….The relevance is that there are allegations made against the party itself and its leader G Adams, which if true, would seriously call into question their legitimacy as a potential party of government (I think we have all come to realise fairly conclusively that FF, FG and Labour are all completely unsuitable for government, it seems clear SF are not the solution either, if anyone had any doubts).

          1. Kieran NYC

            No, I’m saying the possible cover-up of rape by any politician is a legitimate question to be pursued by any politician and this ‘victimized SF’/’politicking by FG’ stuff is bullsh1t and usually represents spin by the Cult of St. Gerry.

          2. jungleman

            It most definitely is not bullsh1t! It is precisely what these parties are doing and it is glaringly obvious. One would have to be blind not to see that! Come on man!

          3. aretheymyfeet

            FF and FG are politicking but that does not mean the questions they are asking are not in themselves legitimate questions which need to be answered.

      2. Charles Charlie Charles

        I seem to remember Enda came out much stronger against the Catholic Church than any other Taoiseach ever did, and closed the Vatican embassy until the powers that be forced it back open.

  5. sheesh

    That spelling Máiría makes a lot more sense
    It’s been bugging me since someone on here pointed it out

  6. Jimmy Rimmel

    Paul Larkin should cop on to himself – sad to see republicans now blaming the victim and suggesting Cahill was to blame

  7. Jimmy Rimmel

    At this rate there should be a Ched Evans support campaign given some of the shite SF supporters are posting on line today

  8. Truth in the News

    Cahill Family:
    Joe Cahill IRA Belfast
    Mairia Cahill Former National Sec of Sinn Fein Republican Youth
    Joe Cahills nieces
    Eilis O’Hanlon/ Ingrid Black columist with the Sunday Independent
    Siobhain O’Hanlon (deceased 2006) personal assistant to Jerry Adams
    Could it be that we are missing something or not asking the right questions.
    They be asked even after a silence of 17 years.

  9. Drogg

    This is a horrible story but why is everyone speculating on it? Why is there not a criminal investigation underway and then we can comment on facts instead of allow the political classes of SF, labour and FG try and score points off what is a tragic story.

  10. Soundings

    Tweet from BBC journalist

    “@irish_news reports ‘at least 6’ IRA members moved to the Republic following claims of rape or child abuse, some accused of abusing again”

    Could the spate of child abuse cases in Donegal be the result of a ring of expelled abusers from Northern Ireland?

  11. Soundings

    Mairia Cahill tweets

    Republican movement used Donegal as “dumping ground” for sex offenders – Claim http://www.highlandradio.com/2010/01/24/republican-movement-used-donegal-as-dumping-ground-for-sex-offenders-claim/ … via @highlandradio

    Maybe you’re in need of a tinfoil hat if you think that (unwittingly) SF and IRA created the conditions for a paedophile ring in Donegal, but that county does anecdotally appear to have a concentration of incidents. And it does make sense, IRA folks were already part of “a thing”, with rules, comradeship and secrecy at their heart, just add paedophilia to the mix and it’s not a huge leap to see how you’d get a ring.

    No doubt the local TDs, Pearse Doherty and Padraig Mac Lochlann have made their own inquiries and can reassure us otherwise. Or, are they just going to cross their arms and say “prove it”, like they’ve been doing for the past fortnight regarding Mairia Cahill.

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