Parity Of Esteem


Baby killed and eight wounded in suspected terror attack in Jerusalem (Guardian)

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47 thoughts on “Parity Of Esteem

  1. Iwerzon

    ..and with regards baby killers in Palestine/Israel…….is there any point in even stating the obvious

    1. jungleman

      Presumably they apply the same standard across the board and as such are calling on the international community to withdraw recognition of the legitimacy of Israel.

  2. Jack Ascinine

    They should be happy that the Seanad has about as much sway, if not less, than a teenage blogger sitting in Starbucks.

  3. Delacaravanio

    They’e absolutely right: recognising a state before the final peace settlement has been agreed is crazy.

    Now, how exactly do we go about un-recognising Israel?

  4. Bobby Rwanda

    One toddler dies in Israel in an isolated attack by an individual…uproar. Hundreds of children die in Gaza in a sustained, imprecise military attack by an advanced, well-funded and Western-backed army…near silence.

  5. Trevor

    This 3 month old baby is an American citizen.Chaye Zisel Braun was returning from her first ever trip to the Western Wall when she was hit by the terrorist’s car in her stroller. Witnesses say Chaye was thrown from her stroller 10-20 meters in the air and landed on her head – suffering cranial bleeding. Her father was also injured in the attack.

    Haya’s grandfather told the press that her parents had waited years to have a child.

    1. Sidewinder

      That’s awful.

      So is the death of Shaima. A four day old Palestinian baby delivered by c-section from her deceased mother who died after an Israeli strike on a power plant cut off power to her incubator.

      Distance from victim doesn’t make a murder and better or worse.

      Neither of these kids did anything wrong. They’re both victims of the kind of blind hatred shown in those tweets.

    1. Hashtag Diversity

      Fupp you and the terrorist cell you’re cheering on. How’s the app doing? Oh right. Not even used in the queue in the social welfare office as you fill out the application. No web summit coverage for you then.

      1. Sidewinder

        What is it with broadsheet and the unemployment jibes? Unemployed people are no better or worse than anyone else.

  6. Chris

    Internet to Israel(and anyone else) – if you find yourself typing into that fourth or fifth text field with your tweets chances are you have become garbled and the message appears confused and manic, stop and compose your thoughts or consider a more suitable medium. Also you are douchebags.

  7. Hashtag Diversity

    A disgusting murderous terrorist attack that kills a child and immediately the fellow travellers of Hamas terrorism are up in action with their excuses. Tell you what dickheads – why not go and live in the Gaza strip and support your heroes and heroines in a meaningful way. You could start the Panti Bliss Martyr’s Bridage. Because you’ll be that as far as human rights are concerned. Martyrs to the cause.

    Go Israel!

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