10 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. rotide

    “Here Johnny Jobbridge, go and ask the foreman for the long stand for the bridge switch will ya?”

    Hillarity ensues

  2. Rob

    Is that something that bridge can do regularly? I had always thought it was fixed in place, and thought the effort to make Samuel B bridge movable was a bit of a waste because it only let a boat go an extra 200m or so up to this one.

  3. Davey T

    It begins! The division of Dublin… Da Northside, led by Bertie Ahern has issued a declaration of war against the south side

  4. chris

    The bridge could always open the only problem was the Dublin Docklands Development Authority lost the remote control when they moved offices and they only recently had a new one made.

  5. munkifisht

    The bridge can but rarely does that. Like the Thomas Becket bridge they were poorly engineered and the bearings can’t stand up to the weight. Essentially, due to wind and footfall the bearings become unevenly loaded and eventually they cannot swing open. It’s amazing that when the bridge was designed there was not a capability put in to shift teh position of the bearings to ensure even wear.

  6. Hashtag Diversity

    Correct. They lost the remote control. So to open it, they had to plug a laptop into each end and do it that way. I am sure there’s an app for that.

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