37 thoughts on “Ten Go To Europe

  1. chompleton

    ”…take a look at me and my friends travailing around Europe this summer.” I’d rather not, but thanks anyway.

  2. Bobojoc

    …take a look at me and my friends travailing around Europe this summer.

    They trekked, they danced, they jumped, they swam, they returned, they edited and they uploaded.

    Pity they didn’t learn how to spell…..

  3. Daithif

    Before now, I didn’t have adequate visual representation of the type of people I change carriages on trains to avoid when in foreign countries.

    This will come in VERY handy.


          1. Clampers Outside!

            I’m with Wookie and Stewie :)

            I love that track, but like hell would I listen to any of Kanye’s normal drivel for more than a few minutes… anyway, there were more producers on that track than there are seats on the upstairs of the 123 bus.
            Kanye’s input is but a cog among many…. imo. I’d go so far as to say that if Kanye is wholly responsible for the track, it’d be like saying Madonna is wholly responsible for the Ray Of Light album…. which would be laughable!

            My tuppence.

  4. Dorian

    God sometimes I hate being Irish and this is one of those times. A bunch of boring lads in terrible Irish lad clothes travelling around Europe WOW what an adventure thank you for sharing you absolute duds.

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