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    1. Derval

      Yeah. This is probably accurate:
      “Dublin is one of the safest cities in the world but it has to deal like any other city in the world with begging and drugs,” said Fred Smits, a Dutchman who just finished an 18-month stint as manager of the five-star Westin Hotel in the city.

  1. W_Thomas

    This is written by a guy who lives in Dublin, hardly a visitors version of events, rather it is a local guy ranting. Bloomberg is an international publication and really I don’t think the guy should be using his position to go on a rant that is no different to what you see every day on boards.ie. Every city has its crime problems, its drug problems and Dublin is a bit worse than most but its not really that much different; any German city has hoards of homeless hanging around railway stations in the centre of the town, Oslo has horrendous drug problems, you are just as likely to be robbed in downtown Barcelona or Madrid or Rome as downtown Dublin. The only thing that is somehow unique about Dublin is that the drug treatment centres are located in the heart of tourist centres.

    1. Nej

      Soooo, because he’s a local his opinion does not matter? Or was it because tourists see a different part of the city?

      I’m confused as to what point you’re trying to make, to be perfectly honest.

      Anyway, regardless of every other city having issues – what is THIS city doing to tackle it’s issues?

          1. W_Thomas

            This issue started 40 years ago when heroin first came to Dublin, and would probably take 40 years to resolve. You have third/ fourth generation addicts begging on OConnell St, and they are pushing prams. How do you think it will turn out for the kids.

            The quick fix is to clear junkies of the streets. Move them on.

            The issue I suppose is
            – Do you care that there are so many junkies in Dublin?
            -Do you care that there are so many junkies begging off you in Dublin?

            Seems to me its the latter with most people, they just care about having their coffee in peace, and that’s why I have no time for people whingeing about it.

          2. mauriac

            yes junkies should be moved on from the main streets of the capital city.what’s wrong with that ?

  2. Jess

    Pretty accurate. Its impossible to sit outside a pub, use a cash machine without being hassled and puts people off sitting outside, enjoying the city and helping out charitably because of the hostility it inspires

  3. ahjayzis

    I think Dublin does need a directly elected Mayor / proper, strong local government assembly with real powers and a decent budget. Basically, let’s copy London.

    And not just the historic ‘county’ as with the current proposals, it has to encompass Greater Dublin. People in towns like Celbridge are far more Dublin-oriented than Naas.

  4. Starina

    Maybe some international attention will embarass our government into cleaning up Dublin a little.


  5. YourNan

    scumbags, roadworks, chock-block with traffic and hardly any green or trees, you can see how the city centre is just a dumping ground for tourists and just a place for people to “speed” through on their way to the suburbs. One of the most unpleasant city centres I have ever come across in Europe.

  6. JunkFace

    Never have I been offered Cocaine by a homeless person in Dublin. It sounds like an exaggeration to me.

    I’m Poo-pooing his article!

  7. Atlas

    They’re not wrong. Dublin has a huge problem with vagrants, in part thanks to a disinterested police service.

      1. thatguy

        Is this a thing? I am German myself and whenever I tell any of my Irish friends that I prefer the German police by a long shot, they think I am joking.
        Now, German police have certainly more respect and authority than the Irish, but are nowhere near, say, American cops.

    1. Kieran NYC

      You know how these things go.

      If lucky, it’ll be picked up by a columnist in the IT.
      That will cause a reaction on BS, which will be ignored by almost everyone else.
      There may be letters written to the IT.
      The usual names will be on news radio to talk about it.
      Nothing will happen until it gets on Joe Duffy and maybe reaches critical mass to have ‘de minister’ on.
      The other newspapers will pick it up and ignore any contribution the IT columnist may have brought to the debate.
      A question will be raised in the Dail by some populist TD demanding ‘something must be done!’ etc.

      Then people start pointing fingers at each other, commissioning reports, criticizing the under-resourced Gardai and homeless services, etc.

      Then the issue will be quietly shelved for another 12 months.

      I fear I am more cynical than you, Original.

  8. F-Mong

    Oh Broadsheet commenters, you weren’t happy when the beggars were giving out free umbrellas in the rain, you’re not happy when they’re selling coke and punching you in the face..

  9. Aisling Dreams Of

    As someone who has lived in the city centre for the last 6 years, it definitely isn’t that bad. I’ve witnessed worse in the tourist areas of Paris.

  10. Debra

    I am sure that Dublin has it’s problems with drugs, crime, beggars , homelessness, and all. When I visited, albeit in mostly touristy areas, I was in no way threatened, badgered, or harassed. I never felt safer.
    I live in Toronto and my daily trek to the office in the downtown core has me on guard for assaults by the mentally ill, drug addicts, and beggars.
    Every great city has this problem.
    I was fortunate not to encounter it in Dublin.

  11. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Wanky Yank mistake I’d say

    “Spare Smoke Bud?

    “Coke D’ya want some coke. I’ll be back wi’ more inna’ mirite ri’

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