Like their mothers before them

The contraceptive train arrives at Connolly Station, Dublin within the past 15 minutes.

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The Contraceptive train arrival at Connolly Station four decades apart.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall ireland)












From top: Emma Quinna and Justine McNeil; Silvia Martin and Joanna Orr; Laura Fitzgerald and Diana O Dwyer: group shot:  Clr Malissa Halpin (People Before profit), Fiona Dunkin and Ruth Coopinger TD and Aoibheann McShane taken an abortion pill at Connolly Station.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

42 thoughts on “Harlots!

  1. The Old Boy

    The Dioceses of Down and Connor Curates’ annual trip to Dublin got off to a good start on the 12.35 from Belfast.

  2. Frenchfarmer

    Unconfuse me please.
    If a pregnant woman takes a day return to Belfast and then takes a pill which is legal in NI (rather than buy an illegal pill), and stays till she aborts, is she committing a crime in Eire?
    Wouldn’t it be logical to…
    Ah but!
    Of course logic and Churchianity can never exist in the same reality.

    1. epson aculaser c100

      There an App for that, basically it uses the GPS on your phone to let you know when
      your about to cross the border so you can nip into the jacks & and flush the feto,
      just don’t do it at the station.

  3. Horsewhisperer

    “Like their mothers before them”

    If their mothers had done this, surely they (today’s people) wouldn’t be around?

    Help us out here! Does Broadsheet want our Mams to abort us or not?

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          You’re right. It happened to a friend of mine in Holland. I miss that bald tiny-foot bastard.

          1. Horsewhisperer

            Thing is, an aborted foetus never gets the chance to do anything, least of all make friends. Your gag is poignant.

          2. Horsewhisperer

            Thing is, an aborted foetus never gets the chance to do anything, least of all make friends. Your gag is poignant.

    1. jumpin jehosiphat

      I think if you check it out it suggests that their mothers went in relation to earlier contraception (condoms) which we were too prehistoric to have here :-( but not anymore:-)

  4. Ms Piggy

    Does anyone know if officialdom (in any capacity more other than Irish Rail ticket inspectors!) was waiting for them? Very proud of them for doing this to highlight the never ending fuckwittery of our laws in this area.

  5. John E. Bravo

    This is all well and good, but the big question on everyone’s lips is how much did they pay for the tickets and do they think it was unreasonable?

  6. Blah

    Repeal something approved by two-thirds of the electorate in the 80s! Because with the amount of socialists elected to the Dail clearly everyone wants to change this constitutional provision!

    And when it’s appealed, well, the existing statute will still exist and abortion will still be illegal, but, eh, repeal it anyway!


    1. lorcan nagle

      If you can figure out a way to introduce abortion legislation without repealing the 8th first, I’d love to hear it.

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