Who Are They Really?



The board of Irish Water.

Further to HotWaterGuygate.

Bewildered Student writes:

This (above) is from the irish Water website. In light of Coleman Sheehy’s Fine Gael connections and lack of experience in you, know, utilities of any kind perhaps some of your readers could fill in some of the gaps in the others directors’ CVs paying particular attention to their political and personal affiliations….”


Irish Water Board Members (IrishWater)

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Irish Water logo redux: What Goes Up

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41 thoughts on “Who Are They Really?

  1. Tom Stewart

    “No, I don’t really know that much about running utilities. Listen, I don’t want to be dealing with this, I just came here to collect my cheque”.

  2. Zubeneschamali

    His brother donated to Lucinda Creighton 7 years ago? I daresay all of the board have closer ties to FG than that. Also FF. Also Labour.

    Not Sinn Féin though, which is probably the point of all this.

    1. Freia

      ‘Not the citizens of Ireland, though, which is probably the point of all this.’ Fixed that for you.

  3. William H Gross

    quick question: why do we give a sh1t if Irish Water has our PPs numbers? struggling to understand the controversy surrounding this little titbit.

    1. Tom Stewart

      Unlike handing over your PPSN to a governement agency like, say, the Dept. of Social Protection, Irish Water is a private limited company (whose shares are CURRENTLY held by the Irish government I believe):

      “Irish Water. Private Company Limited by Shares. Registered Office Colvill House, 24-26 Talbot Street, Dublin 1. Registered in Ireland. Registered No. 530363 (Source = http://www.water.ie)”

      A private company could be sold by the government in whole or in part to anyone (like Aer Lingus, Eircom, Bord Gáis). If Irish Water is sold in the future (and it stands an excellent chance of this) this database, which all Irish people are being pressurised into joining, will be sold with it. To the highest bidder.

      That’s the controversy.

        1. Odis

          1) Access to confidential information held on you by government agencies.

          2) There’s some sort of coding built in to them, which is unique to you. Hence a bank might ask you to identify yourself with your PPS number for a loan. They will also ask you for your date of birth. These two items can then be put together to check if you are who you say you are, as a security check. Last time I checked there was no information on how PPS numbers are generated on the net. (I had an interest in cracking the code at the time).

          TL:DR there’s more to PPS numbers than meets the eye.

        2. Tom Stewart

          Wow. I’m not trying to be smart William, but if you’re that lackadaisical about your personal information, don’t be surprised if you’re the victim of identity theft one day.

          Walter Ego asks a good question below: c’mon then, let’s have your PPSN. Shure what would we ever be able to glean from it?

          1. Happy Molloy

            people happily give them to doctors and dentists all the time for the same reason you would give them to Irish water, to claim back allowances.

            really ,you give far much more Info to a phone company. it’s completely ridiculous and only proves that people are clinging for something to whine about.

  4. Declan

    Ex REHAB?

    Jacqueline Hall

    Prior to her involvement with Partners in Communication, from 1986 to 1996 Jacqueline worked in a variety of roles for The Rehab Group, Ireland’s largest provider of supported employment and training for people with disabilities. These roles included Recycling Development Manager and Business Development Manager.


  5. Original Cynic

    I’m sure they are all up for having their CV’s and political affiliations scrutinised in great detail. Sure, why not!

  6. Medium Sized C

    Quick glance through the list, At least three of them have experience in, you know, utilities.
    Like Bord Gais and ESB and a number of the others have experience in, you know, water.

    I don’t know how this got passed the “do you own dirt slinging, you silly goon” filter.

  7. pmc

    I think we all need to take a good long hard look at ourselves for overestimating the hotness of Mr Sheehy.

  8. Tom Stewart

    Good comment. But the images of him in this post and in the Irish Daily Mail are worlds apart. In the Irish Daily Mail he looks like a fupping Giorgio Armani model. In this one, he looks like Rats out of Paths to Freedom.

  9. ahjayzis

    Yes, thank you broadsheet. We shouldn’t single out the hot one.
    Hot colleagues play a valuable role in many fields, prompting his colleagues into working harder to earn a cheeky secret smile or a lingering pat on the shoulder, oomph, gerrourredah. I propose he lead the marketing campaign in nought but a pair of tighty whiteys, his shirt and soaked in water.

    My two cent anyway.

  10. pissedasanewt

    I think the marketing directory should be fired. Why so many highly paid directors needed anyway?

    I assumed they way they were handling this so far that the place was run by some friend of a friend who wasn’t accountable to anybody and didn’t really care about the consequences. A bit like NAMA.

  11. PaddyM

    Billy Moore, as well as having “worked with Eircom for over 32 years and spent 5 years in the UK working in the telecommunications industry”, is also the chairman of the Longford-Westmeath Labour Party.

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