Snaking Train On A Plane



Gatwick Airport. West Sussex, England.

Shauna ( above) writes:

How to avoid Ryanair check in fees when travelling [to Dublin] with your Halloween costume [I’m the Bride of Frankenstein]…

Touch gown.


Fair enough.

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9 thoughts on “Snaking Train On A Plane

  1. Mani

    Get back to me when you’ve managed to avoid trailing that through the urine soaked floor of the jacks.

  2. The Insight

    Ah sure would you look at miss fancy pants there splashing all her cash on a fancy outfit and going on a plane no less. All the while the rest of us have our backs to the wall and are to the pin of our collar with no more to give. Sure she won’t be able to join the protests tomorrow cos she’s gone somewhere foreign.

    I reckon Denis O’Brien probably planted this story to encourage loads of de peeples to fly off for the weekend so that there would be less of de peeples protesting. Feckin fat cats with their quangos having no regard for the ordinary man.

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