Who Took The Web From The Web Summit?




Anyone know algorithms?

Needs more Karl, in fairness.

Earlier: NERDS

Top pic via Jessica Kelly

Pic: Laura Hogan



Goodness gracious.

Web Summit’s Gracious Hosts: Matt Dempsey, Michael Duffy and Larry Murrin (WebSummitBlog)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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75 thoughts on “Who Took The Web From The Web Summit?

    1. missred

      Have to agree with you there…. can’t listen to the guy.

      Still pretty sh1tty to have the wifi outage though

    2. JogOn


      Also, there have been wifi issues for the past number of years – surely you change venue if you’re unable to gain sufficient control to ensure the internet is available at a web summit?!

    3. gallantman

      He gets all the Kudos for organising this. When something goes wrong he passes the buck straight away. His reponsibility surely.

  1. everybody

    Dublin is a joke srsly……. Can we make somewhere else the capital for a little while until Dublin gets over itself???

    1. DoM

      This is a regular problem at tech conferences, apparently. Organisers say “you can’t handle wifi for this kind of event, please let us”, venue say “no, it’s part of our service offering, we’re doing it”. Organisers say “fine, but you’re gonna pay us an absolute bollock-load of compensation if the wifi goes down, because you don’t know what you’re doing”. Venue says “we do know what we’re doing, it will be fine”.

      Then all the techies show up with 3 or 4 wifi devices each and the whole thing comes crashing down. The venue say they couldn’t have predicted, blah blah.

      I have no sympathy for someone who thinks that wifi at this scale is easy, which seems to be the case here. Wifi at this scale is incredibly difficult to get right. Someone in the RDS is presumably learning this lesson very expensively right now.

      1. rotide


        Interesting that the tweets above more or less imply this but people take it as an oppurtunity to begrudge a bit more.

      2. markgdub

        Additionally it I not limited to Irish conferences.

        I have been unfortunate enough to attend many in anonymous hotels around the work. This happens at every single one.

      3. Ms Piggy

        I find this incredibly believable, especially as someone dealing with a conference venue right now – fortunately it’s not a techie conference so fingers crossed we’ll be OK!

      4. Temple Bar Denizen

        Happens at pretty much every single tech conference, everywhere in the world, and to add to what DoM mentions, it’s all down to the venue having a contract with a provider that prevents others installing wifi. The provider normally has a standard offering that is designed for conferences full of non-techs that actually prefer to speak to each other, and that melts down under the assault of the active multi-deviced. I’ve only ever seen it done properly at ApacheCon Dublin in 2006, where they brought in their own team of probably a dozen network experts to set it up, with all their own hardware.

        On pricing, I once got a quote of $25k for provision of wifi for 2 days for a room in a hotel where there was a meeting being hosted. Nice little earner.

        It’s a tad embarrassing though. Hopefully there’s some penalty clauses in there. Given the Ts&Cs of the conference include things like you’ll be thrun out if you pair your phone to your laptop to get internet access, I suspect that the RDS has this disclaimer in its own Ts&Cs, and they will say that the wifi failed because all these people were pairing with their phones and using hotspots, so not their fault, etc.

    1. Liam from Lixnaw


      is a first class honours degree from Trinners worth more than a first class WIFI setup in the RDS?

  2. Freia

    How are the inner city dealers supposed to sell their “I downloaded this at the Web Summit” cowboy hats now!? It’s like Garth Brooks all over again …

  3. markgdub

    Almost as amusing anecdote I heard on the radio about having, “50 of the world’s top tech CEOs over to my house and the chimney caught fire”.

    This guy is the Basil Fawlty of tech conferences.

  4. Bobojoc

    The RDS management are currently attempting to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, the call centre in Pakistan has put them on hold…….. all the techs are abroad apparently and non contactable at the moment.

  5. Boba Fettucine

    If only there was some kind of mobile device, like a phone, that allowed you to access the internet without relying on a wifi connection?

    I haven’t used any form of public wifi for years, and I’m not a self-declared ‘futurist’.

    1. C Sharp

      Data roaming: not cheap.
      You may not be a futurist, but you clearly like spending money unnecessarily.

  6. C Sharp

    This happens at most conferences, so is a potential problem that should have been foreseen. It should NOT happen at a tech conference with this sort of a profile, where the vital ingredient in all the subject matter on display / under discussion (connectivity) requires WIFI to function.

    It’s like a barbeque without meat, and we all know, you can’t make friends with salads.
    Hopefully they can sort it out today.

  7. Hashtag Diversity

    What’s the problem? Doesn’t most of the business take place in pubs around Dublin where there is no free wifi anyway?

  8. jungleman

    If they just disconnect the modem and blow into the back of it, then turn it back on.. Should fix it.

  9. kav

    This actually happened last year too. Sad that they weren’t able to sort it with 12 months notice. But saying that, Cosgrave is an insufferable knobhead so its kinda funny :)

    1. Kieran NYC

      It’s good for Ireland and good for Broadsheet commentators to moan and sneer about.


  10. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Given what has been aired about Paddy WebSimmits employment practices

    Did they just cut a corner too many?

    1. Lilly

      I wish someone would set up a rate-your-employer website. Too many chancers around wasting people’s time.

        1. Lilly

          Thanks Mark. The worst employer I’ve ever come across is advertising for staff at present and I’d love to save them the trouble.

  11. Baz

    In my experience the RDS has never been able to achieve WiFi at scale for conferences. There was talk that they did a recent upgrade: http://www.rds.ie/index.jsp?p=102&n=676

    My buddy and I recently had to take that into consideration while providing a web based service in there. Small numbers and it worked ok but this is terribly disappointing.

  12. Lilly

    What a joke. If a venue refuses to give you control over the WiFi, you take your web conference elsewhere. Duh.

    1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

      Yeah. Obviously.

      But maybe the RDS was the cheapest option.

      Like what I said earlier
      … Cutting corners.

  13. geebag

    Web summit charges attendees €1525 for admission and doesn’t pay speakers.

    They invited someone 3 times and when they were told he wouldn’t speak for free each time they didn’t reply.

    It’s embarrassing the way they bring Enda Kenny on.

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