Indian Take Out


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This lunchtime.

John Gallen writes:

.left on the street, corner of Broadstone, D7… bowls of something that looks like semolina(?), cigars, whiskey(?), vodka(?), liquorice, apples with cloves, candles, some sort of onion dish and a red popcorn dish…I think? The candles had been lit earlier this morning….

Possibly Diwali-related?


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18 thoughts on “Indian Take Out

  1. Mani

    International Paedophile day.

    I see some scamp has run off with the bottle of TK red lemonade and the cake shaped like a white van.

      1. Anonymous

        These offerings are called “despachos”. I think the despachos are very common in shamanic religions too.

    1. Zynks

      Yes, that is it. This religion is particularly big in the North-eastern city of Salvador. My favourite line is that if these things worked, the local football championship would always end in a draw between all the teams.

          1. H

            Eh? Anonymous’ helpful answer wasn’t there when I looked earlier even though it the time stamp suggests it was….

  2. All the good ones fly south for winter

    Years from now many children will be unable to recall exactly how they first developed a taste for fine cigars and whiskey.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Better than John Player and a naggin.

      If we’re going to raise addicts, let them at least be sophisticated addicts.

  3. Steven Bragg

    This appears to be Kimbanda offerings. Kimbanda is an Afro-Brazilian religion similar to Candomble and Umbanda, however, it is Congo-based, signified by the colors red and black, as well as the “strong” or “hot” offerings of liquorice, cloves, strong distilled spirits (rum, cachaca, vodka, whiskey, etc.), and the dish that looks like there are red onions and red popcorn. The spriits of Kimbanda are frequently honored at crossroads.

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