12 thoughts on “They Think It’s All Over

  1. Zoolander

    I see Harbo’s speech and the Break both start at 20.35…..I think I know which will be more popular

    1. Onetwothreefour

      Aside from the wi-fi of doom, have to say the Summit’s timetables were fairly time-typo-heavy. And the schedule they were distributing on one of the days was wrong, which the volunteers acknowledged. They then directed attendees to the website, which then did not load any timetables on mobile. Schedules? Sure who needs them?

  2. Boba Fettucine

    ‘What it takes to be an entrepreneur?’

    Either ‘what does it take to be an entrepreneur?’ Or ‘what it takes to be an entrepreneur’

    None of your pesky English language rules for Von Harbison.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I’m surprised he uses that word. The second half of it can very easily be pronounced like you have a northside accent.


  3. Hashtag Diversity

    Same fuppin’ luvvies involved. The new construction industry in wetsuits instead of wet tents.

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