Tykes Of Destiny



Last night.

Delegates at Ógra Fianna Fáil National Youth Conference with party leader Michael Martin at the Westgrove Hotel, Clane, Co. Kildare, urging citizens to register to vote ahead of the marriage equality referendum.

You can”t win anything with kids.

How Do I Register To Vote?

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Pic: Conor McCabe

14 thoughts on “Tykes Of Destiny

  1. pedeyw

    Its good that they’re promoting a yes and registering to vote but I can’t help but distrust any young person that joins a centre right party. Go and be idealistic before reality sets in. Be an anarchist or something. If you’re moderately conservative at 18, what are you going to be like at 50?

      1. pedeyw

        Still though, anything that pisses off Ronan “I-want-two-fadas-in-my-name” Mullen is probably a good thing.

  2. Tom Stewart

    I agree with the sentiments so far that this hotel should be the target of a drone strike as soon as possible.

    I’m about the same age as these people. I feel sorry for them. But I shouldn’t feel too sorry for them: they’ll probably be levying my pension/firing me/taxing me in about 30 years time.

  3. aretheymyfeet

    What kind of young person joins FF AFTER we all know they presided over the destruction of our economy? That lack of judgment or ideals alone shows them as unfit to govern at anytime in the future. Here ya go lads, more of the same. A photo full of future ‘career politicians’.

  4. Rose

    No offence but there’s a lady in the second row who doesn’t look as young as I thought they might be ;-)

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