Summit Stinks



Regular Sunday Business Post tech columnist Jane Ruffino (above) column was bumped in yesterday’s edition in favour of expansive and glowing coverage of the Web Summit.

It couldn’t possibly be anything to do with her previous week’s column (behind the SBP pay wall or available in an expanded form on Medium) that used the Web Summit as an example of the overly cosy relationship between tech journalism and the companies they report on.

G’wan the Official Ireland.

Where is technology’s critical culture? (Jane Ruffino)

24 thoughts on “Summit Stinks

  1. rotide

    Looks like someone took offense to the cock and balls web summit logo since the other story seems to have been nuked.

  2. Atlas

    What happened to your other post on this?

    Pretty cowardly to parrot a snarky, meandering, “it’s about ethics in tech journalism!” hit-and-run blog post and then delete it afterwards.

    1. rotide

      Don’t forget the highbrow addition of male genitallia to the logo for no apparent reason Atlas.

      Obviously there was a phone call put in and it was taken down.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      “Cowardly” ….wha…..?

      Do you think Broadsheet has the wallet to fight these things in the courts….. seriously, do you think they do? And if so, where is this magic money coming from because it isn’t coming from the little bit of advertising we see on here… that much is evidently clear :)

    3. Chompsky

      Thanks everyone. We blundered. The post contained a column they (Sunday Business Post) didn’t mind you seeing and had actually published last week. Very sorry.

      1. gallantman

        Okay that was published the week before. Was there still a column that they pulled from this weeks paper?

      1. Anne

        Such a pest.
        I recall you giving out on the other post too, saying there was 2 similar posts.
        It gets deleted and you’re still very annoying.

        1. rotide

          Anne, I appreciate the attention and I’m flattered, really I am.

          The answer’s still no though.

          Don’t worry, there’s a man out there for you somewhere.

      2. Karl Monaghan

        The SBP didn’t ask for it to be removed. There was an internal miscommunication in Broadsheet Towers. The post that we pulled contained Jane’s column that is linked (twice) in the above post.

    1. Medium Sized C

      “Did Jane Ruffino actually attend the Websummit? Was she not part of the startup brigade too?”

      What is your point?

      1. Hashtag Diversity

        The point is that that she has a resentment that isn’t backed up by facts or evidence as to what actually does on there. Was there criticism when she was being tauted as CMO of a startup by the Irish Times? Or what that startup entered events sponsored by the media?

        And when that startup failed, what was her response? No regrets because it might have contributed to inequality?

        She’s on the margin on tech yet believes she’s some kind of major disruptor with something to add.!story/Technology/Features/Jane+Ruffino%3A+I+left+Ireland+because+I+was+losing+the+battle+against+being+seen+as+a+problem'+woman+in+an+industry+based+on+connections/id/87198161-2385-36b4-d26c-e47244761016

        Perfect for the SBP. Shame she’s not considered for the Marian Finnucane show. Ideal.

        Perhaps they should host a “Look at Me I’m Important” Summit in 2015 for such people. You can go too on the 2 for 1 ticket deal.

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