24 thoughts on “Power Shower

  1. AhHereLeaveItOut

    I came ready to leave a scathing comment about HDR, but I see there’s no need. Nice work everyone. I hope Jack learned something here today

    1. Jack Ascinine

      Yes, I did learn something today.

      1) The Irish are never fupping happy until, well, they’re just never fupping happy
      2) There’s a set of Broadsheet readers that would rather stare at another scandal or protest rather than a photo

      For all of you photo geniuses out there, the production of this photo goes far beyond HDR. He used a combination of multiple Adobe packages and a specialised app to control his Canon’s shutter speed to get the effects that he did. You’s can crawl back into your misery boxes until the next travesty presents itself to be miserable about.

      1. Disasta

        So it’s not a photo really is it?
        It’s CGI.
        Nothing miserable about saying how I it.

        If you said check out this cool image my mate produced on photoshop from photos he took at this location I’d have thought to myself, this guy knows his stuff but I don’t give a sh1t about fake crap.

      2. Jess

        Well someone clearly doesn’t like criticism.

        And what does ‘a specialised app to control his Canon’s shutter speed’ even mean? Is he using a smartphone or an actual canon? And so what if he did a lot of completely unnecessary post production, its a nice angle, a nice subject, but ruined by HDR.

      3. Kevin Keegan

        That specialised app that controls the camera’s speed is not an app at all.It’s called ‘bracketing’.

      4. Parky Mark

        It doesn’t matter how many rags you use, you still can’t polish a turd. “He used a combination of multiple Adobe packages”

  2. Peat

    10 years ago same people looking down their nose at HDR were getting all moist about it…. photo just not hip enough this week..

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