20 thoughts on “No Anti-Gay Crimes In The Village

  1. Panty Christ

    Gardai have been praised the world over for their ability to collect and retain personal information on ALL citizens

  2. Der

    Quite a few of the gay men I know, myself included, have not reported psychical violence. I think there are a few reasons for this – wanting to forget it, thinking nothing would happen, but mostly not being able to face the shame of saying “I think I was beaten up because I’m gay” to a police force that largely doesn’t want to hear it.

    1. JB

      Shame of being beat up or shame of being gay? Most gay people I know, myself included, wouldn’t feel any shame about either of those.

  3. ahjayzis

    Frances Fitzgerald has been out.

    Apparently this type of thing, and all the other types of things in the report happen in every country so we just need to buy newer computers. Phew.

    1. Tom Stewart

      She was laughable on Matt Cooper yesterday:

      Fitzgerald: “These figures are just a sample” (referring to a comprehensive international review)

      Cooper: “It’s a pretty big sample”.

    1. delta V

      Victimless crime, tolerated to reduce the alternative: muggings/burglaries revenue raiser by your local ordinary decent criminal.
      Also, PULSE inputs are unreliable due to actual burglaries to steal valuables/car keys are being logged as thefts.

  4. Jim Computer

    Most Irish people don’t understand that ‘rob’ and ‘steal’ mean two different things, most Gardaí just want to get through their shift and get home and have another wank, and most Irish people couldn’t give a fluck either way.

    Hang on, what was I talking about again?

    Oh yeah…
    If you haven’t been the recipient of a blow to the back of the head of a Garda baton, shut up. I have, but I don’t remember it very well.

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