Writing In Vain




Adam Gilmour, 8, was confirmed dead this afternoon following a road traffic accident involving a Peugeot car this morning in Cloughmills, Co Antrim.

The October 20 letter (above) Jim Allister MLA sent to NEELB (North Eastern Education and Library Board) on behalf of the Gilmour family and the subsequent letter of acknowledgement.

An 18 year old male has been arrested following the incident.

Cloughmills: Boy, 8, dead after car strikes family of seven (BBC News NI)

18 thoughts on “Writing In Vain

  1. ahjayzis

    Ah god. I didn’t know what this was about until after I read the letter.

    Absolutely horrific, unimaginable, the poor family :o(

  2. Adam

    There’s a passage in the BBC article that really bothers me: “As a result of the road traffic collision the board is focussed on working closely with the schools and the family.”

    It’s such a shame that it takes someone dying for action to be taken.

  3. Drogg

    I could never begin to imagine the hurt caused by losing a child, let alone the anger of losing them because of the ineptitude of some public servants.

      1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

        To be inept is to have or show no skill. The answers to the problems in the letter sent on 20th October seem to be relatively simple.

        1) hold onto the younger children in a free class/hall for an hour so they can get the 3pm bus home.
        2) Have the bus pick the children up on their road in the mornings. from what is said in the letter, it is suggested that the bus travels that way but won’t make a pick-up until the village of Cloughmills, as they are dropped off on their road on the way back.

        The receipt of the letter is dated 28th of October and that’s 2 weeks ago today. Sorting the 2 things out above would have taking an afternoon at the most. The fact that it wasn’t done can be said to be as a result of ineptitude for the reasons given above.

        My condolences and hopes of a swift recovery to Mrs. Gilmour and children.

    1. Cathal O'Rourke

      Alright folks, it’s a shite comment for yer man to make I wholeheartedly agree.

      The point he raises is a valid one though – pedestrians need to ensure they walk on the road properly if they have to.

      This is a terrible tragedy, condolences to this woman, I can’t begin to imagine the hurt.

  4. Paolo

    A terrible tragedy but the implication here is that someone in the council/school system is responsible for that boy’s death. The fact is that they are not responsible for getting kids to school and back. They put on a service that their budget allows and people can use it or not. I wouldn’t walk my kids along that road. If I can afford to get taxis every day then I can afford to buy a banger of a car and learn to drive it.

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