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  1. Paul

    I’ve seen this in other countries but it’s usually something like “who would win in a fight; Batman/Superman”.

    it’d have to come down to muck savages and jackeens in Ireland though.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    The divider is quite flimsy. With a sleight of hand, flair and dexterity you can place your coin in its rightful place while moving the card up, to the side and then down again in order to scrunch some of the base coins to the preferred side.

    Or SO I HEARD.

  3. Derval

    Tipping doesn’t apply to Ireland.
    There is no 2 tier minimum wage situation in Ireland as there is in USA.
    So, unless you wish to tip everyone on minimum wage – yes that includes people in factories that make your favourite toothpaste, then don’t tip anyone.

      1. Jim Computer


        Who’s idea was it to give computers to culchies?
        I have this theory, bear with me please while I make it up,, but I think they’re using OUR computers when we aren’t looking!
        We used to have a wall to keep them out. We should use the excess Poles to rebuild it and then send them home too.
        Dublin is great, because it’s full of Dubliners. Let’s keep it that way.

        Broadsheet, please post more of this kind of shite.

    1. munkifisht

      Ah it does. I’m 34 now, nigh on 35, and when I was a young lad I can remember my parents and their friends tipping for excellent service, but only when it was excellent. Don’t think it really applies to Munchies, you talking about in a restaurant where the staff fawn all over you, give you great advice on the food, wine etc, and are helpful but never cross the line on being buggy, but if they’re doing the bear minimum, ie, seating you, taking your order, bringing you food and getting the bill stuff off. The tip you’re getting matey is try harder next time.

      In the US you had better tip. That place is horrible to it’s service staff. In Nevada and a number of other states, service staff are taxed on assumed tips, this includes the cleaning maids. I couldn’t believe that. I still feel bad about the first time I was in NY and I clear forgot I was supposed to tip the barmaid.

      1. Derval

        Yes the wages laws and how the pay system is implemented in USA is really stupid but there you go.
        Tipping is just really stupid.
        I just avoid places as much as possible where tips are expected.

        1. munkifisht

          Well that’s a f**king stupid attitude. Why would you avoid the Sates simply because of tipping? It’s part of the standard cost there so even when you do include it things are around the same price or a hell of a lot less than in IReland without the tipping.

          1. Derval

            I never said I’m not stupid.
            But also, I didn’t mean avoid USA, I meant avoid being served by a waiter.

          2. Jim Computer

            When you want to find a ‘stupid attitude’, you haven’t much searching to do.

            Most people want to see a legitimate bottom figure on the bottom of their bill, and they’re perfectly entitled to expect that and nothing else. This is Ireland.

            Please, stick your Americanisms back up the orifice you plucked them from.
            You’re in Ireland now

            We run things.

          3. munkifisht

            F**king stupid Derval… I said f**king stupid :).

            But if you’re in Ireland, or Europe in general, don’t really know where these places are where they expect to be tipped. If you means service charge, service charge is a different thing.

            You run sweet f**k all Jim.


    1. Jim Computer

      Good attempt Mr. Bravo, but the proper Dublin pronunciation of the word ‘children’ is ‘chill-der-din’., not childern.

      That’s a tip for you.
      Pass it on.

    1. Bacchus

      exactly, and unless the staff at Munchies IFSC have become a LOT more pleasant since I was last there it’s their only hope.

  4. reds

    If somewhere leaves a bowl out for tips, I generally don’t tip. Certainly wouldnt tip if I saw that bowl.
    I’ll leave a generous tip if the service/food is good….but not if someone has a bowl with a sign in it looking for a tip.

    but thats just me.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      Not just you. Lots of other people with weird individual justifications for their meanness.

      1. Jim Computer

        Get a grip. pseudoman, I meam ‘Neu’mann.

        The ‘tipping’ culture you advocate only perpetuates and excuses a low wage.
        It shouldn’t exist, and it certainly shouldn’t be encouraged.

        Tell me where you live.
        I want to punch you.
        Trust me, It’ll be good for BOTH of us.

        1. Derval

          It’s easy to spot those who think that writing down what people ask for and then bringing that to them is a special type of work.
          Do you tip people who work in Argos or supermarkets?
          Do you tip teachers, bus drivers?

  5. Jim Computer

    Oops, sorry Alfred.
    I’m not sober, but still, I have no justification for singling you out.
    You seem like a perfectly decent person on reflection.
    I’m sorry.

    This website, it’s so full of idiots.

      1. Jim Computer

        Of course I count myself amongst them, monkeyfister,, but only when I leave a comment..
        The rest of the time I’m sober.

        Still don’t care very much, either way.
        What were we talking about?

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      No problem, Jim. I think I understand the Broadsheet posting cycle.

      6AM – 3PM: Hungover.
      3PM – 1AM: Drunk and giddy, becoming drunk and truculent.
      1AM – 6AM: Still drunk, but with added cocaine.

  6. everybody

    Is it not true that dublin is full of scumbags and all the nice people who you encounter are from other parts of Ireland/the world?

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