47 thoughts on “Ah Here

    1. scottser

      That was terrible, bring on the abuse….

      I was aspen for it….

      don’t worry clampers, their bark is worse than their blight..

    1. chimpy

      All of the houses in our local area (70’s estate with large trees lining each side of the road) were asked whether they would prefer the trees to be felled or completely removed. The vote was 45% in favour of completely removing them, the reason being they would rather they didn’t have to rake up leaves in Autumn. I couldn’t believe how backward my neighbours were.

      1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

        Excuse the ignorance but isn’t a felled tree and a completely removed tree the same thing with regards to falling leaves?

        1. Clampers Outside!

          No, no, no, don’t you be questioning his statement on the internets he’s got “70’s” indicating a time and place, and he’s even got statistics and percentages…. it must be true!

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

            I’m not questioning the truth of his statement! :)
            But completely removing a tree or leaving just a stump is pretty much the same result?

        2. JoesephT

          But you could trip over the stump of a felled tree or the damned thing could decide to just start growing again and then where would we be.So in the long run it would be safer just to get rid of them altogether.

  1. Wayne Carr

    I’ve got a pre-prepared pun I’d like to add. Here goes:

    “Ah heyor, leave it out.”

    I’m the root of all humour on this site.

  2. nefd6

    It’s actually pretty bad for the trees too as it leaves them open to a risk of airborne infection. It’s similar to picking off a scab rather than letting it heal and fall off.

    1. JoesephT

      As i said before ”chop em down”, then the problem of raking,picking,pruning,air borne disease etc goes away.
      Isn’t about time these bloody trees learned to look after themselves instead of being mollycoddled all the time.

  3. TK Ickle

    That’s a great idea.

    Will have to get the missus out next year seeing as SDCC refuse to chop down/back the feckers outside my gaff.

  4. edalicious

    Are they not just pollarding the trees? The ones in the foreground appear to have been done already. From what I’ve seen it seems to be pretty standard practice in London.

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