Balls Of Steel


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He’s back, baby.

‘Neur we to judge?

Ronan on verge of Nama exit backed by $20bn US fund (Tom Lyons, Irish Times)

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That Kind Of Week

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9 thoughts on “Balls Of Steel

  1. Unreconstructed

    Is he buying back the loans at their full original price or at the price Nama paid the banks for them (at a discount of something like 30%)? If it’s the latter, it’s a disgrace as he’s getting back his loans at a 30% discount. Great little country…best country in the world to Johnny Ronan might say.

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      I think the question should be how BOD went out with someone who’d consider that a fine bit of man-hunk.

    1. Mick Flavin

      He has crushed his enemies. He is now seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentations of their women.

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