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He’s back, baby.

‘Neur we to judge?

Ronan on verge of Nama exit backed by $20bn US fund (Tom Lyons, Irish Times)

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That Kind Of Week


The Irish Times reports that Development Securities plc, the British listed fund backing Johnny Ronan, plans to invest up £20 million (about €25 million) in equity into Irish property deals, according to an investor presentation.

Dev Sec confirmed it was part of a consortium – including developers Paddy McKillen and Johnny Ronan, as well as Colony Capital, a €20 billion American investment fund – that has bought a development site on Burlington Road, in Dublin 4, for €40.5 million.

Dev Sec added:

“Ireland presents considerable investment and development opportunities for us – a market in which we see strengthening demand and opportunities to apply our strategy of creating value through regeneration…”

Shovel, ready!

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Irish Times: Fund backing McKillen and Ronan plans to invest €25m

The sculptor, Rowan Gillespie then “changed it to a woman” and Mr [Johnny] Ronan was “delighted” because his personal office window [at Treasury Building, Grand Canal Street, Dublin. Home to Nama and Fianna Fail HQ, 2007 general election] overlooked the sculpture.


Her name?


Nude Male Sculpture Drove Developer Up The Wall (Michael Parsons, Irish Times)

Rowan Gillespie

(Photocall Ireland)