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Claire Downey, from Repair Café, writes:

“The international movement that is Repair Café hits the streets of Dublin tomorrow at the Chocolate Factory, King’s Inn Street, between 12pm and 3pm. From broken plates to cracked iPhones, if you’ve got something broken, we’ve got the people who know how to fix it.”

“The movement to repair household items, instead of discarding or recycling them, began in 2009 in the Netherlands and has grown by an order of magnitude since, with cafés operating throughout Europe and the United States.”

“The event in the Chocolate Factory tomorrow is just the first of at least 15 planned over the next few months as the movement builds across the country, with the next on December 7th in Clontarf.”

Repair Café

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8 thoughts on “Get Your Fix

  1. Bonzor

    I went to the one in Sandymount a while back. Was great. They fixed up my headphones in no time at all.

  2. Kieran NYC

    My Dad would LOVE this. He’d just stand back and marvel. All the rants he’s had through the years about not throwing stuff out and nothing being built to last these days. He’d turn around and give my mum a big, satisfied grin (but wouldn’t dare say “I told you so”).

    Pity he’s in Cork.

  3. finnyfall

    This is so class. I’m all about reusing, recycling and repairing.

    Seriously though, in the last few years I’ve watched so many youtube videos to solve problems: leaky fridge, leaky aircon, banjaxed computers…it’s a great feeling to repair things!

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