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With Men In Mind.

A free, male-only event, hosted by Pieta House in collaboration with Joe.ie, the popular ‘breasts ‘n’ GAA’ website?

Oh go on then

Rebecca Bury writes:

Irish rugby international, Jack McGrath, Dublin Footballer, Paul Flynn, author Michael Harding, and RTÉ’s Brendan O’Connor to gather for inaugural International Men’s Day event – With Men In Mind – on Wednesday, November 19t in Powerscourt Theatre, Powerscourt Town Centre, South William Street, Dublin at 6.30pm.
The event will include a specially commissioned piece by Michael Harding, and a discussion that will include Dublin Footballer, Paul Flynn, Founder of Men’s Sheds Ireland, John Evoy and Pieta House therapist, John Searson.
A giant image will be installed on the front façade of the Powerscourt Centre created by artist Joe Caslin. The installation will start Friday night and will continue Saturday & Sunday evening with the piece being finished on Monday morning (as above).

Pieta House (Facebook)

53 thoughts on “Random ‘Manter’

  1. Mani

    ‘Father Anton McGrath will kick proceedings off with the traditional ‘Blessing of the Testicles’. Children welcome’

  2. Starina

    I would be interested to know what they’re discussing. Is it going to be a glorified bro-fest (beer, boobs-and-football banter) or are they actually going to discuss things like how to help men with mental health issues, how to support men who have been assaulted, the effect of strict binary gender roles on men’s lives, how can we help homeless men in Ireland, etc. Which would be awesome.

    Otherwise, if not, then…like…dudes, you already dominate everything. Do you really need a manfest?

    1. Medium Sized C

      I reckon, for a start, Pieta house aren’t sending someone to represent them in a discussion about beer and tits.
      Mens sheds is a collaborative maker movement. So it’s entirely possible that beer making could come up.

      But like fair play, you took something relatively positive that clearly won’t have a negative effect on you and made a shitty snide post about it.
      Good work. Have a cookie.

        1. gallantman

          This year International Women’s Day is focusing on Make-up application and tips on how to get a husband.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Agree, Pieta House aren’t silly. And if some talk of football needs to happen to make people feel comfortable talking about their mental health problems, so what? Better that than people suffering or harming themselves

  3. skbac

    “Is it going to be a glorified bro-fest (beer, boobs-and-football banter) or are they actually going to discuss things like how to help men with mental health issues, how to support men who have been assaulted, the effect of strict binary gender roles on men’s lives, how can we help homeless men in Ireland, etc. Which would be awesome.”

    They don’t have to justify themselves to you

  4. skbac

    A suicide charity announces a day dedicated to keeping men in mind and it’s met with “sure all they talk about is boobs and beer”, followed swiftly by “and they probably hate women too”.


        1. paul

          “No, they’re more well known for the football bit. ”
          Really? Why mention them then so? What was it that you were trying to insinuate?

          I’m no fan of O’Connor but are you seriously suggesting that he hates women and has a alcohol problem?

  5. skbac

    “It’s hosted by a footballer and Brendan O’Conner.”

    Which obviously nullifies the entire evening.

    There is a stigma attached to men discussing issues of mental health and suicide. You know this, for assumedly you used to be one.

    Yes, that is partly down to the grin-and-bear-it culture of “macho” masculinity. But the cynical hostility typified by your contributions (and the other one above) also play a role. Jaysus the event hasn’t even happened yet and you’ve already slated it.

          1. skbac

            Oh now that it’s pointed out, of course you meant it all along.

            At least you admit to being a troll. Now go make me a sandwich.

          2. Nially

            “Now go make me a sandwich”

            Aaaaaaaand there it is. “I’m outraged – just OUTRAGED! – that you’re not taking this event for men seriously enough, but I’m happy to make misogynist jokes when provoked even slightly, because it’s OK when *I* do it.”

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      People are raising an eyebrow at the idea of a men-only “manter” night fronted by Brendan O’Connor. It sounds gruesome, and I don’t know why you’re so upset about that.

  6. MUlch

    Jesus, where’s all this feckin’ animosity coming from?!
    Paul Flynn has done some good work in trying to raise awareness, Pieta house have a therapist going, the Men’s Shed project is doing its part (look at its website) and Joe Caslin’s art project is bang on the money for this.
    Cop the fupp on and encourage efforts like this. Our government is doing fupp all about this crisis, at least these guys are trying to do something positive.
    Rebecca can go and do one.

  7. skbac

    It’s a mental-health awareness night that does you absolutely no harm whatsoever. It’s clearly geared towards a target audience that don’t usually talk about hanging themselves, they just go off and do it.

    If this was a women-only event, and it was met with comments like “I hope they’re not just talking about clothes and X Factor” or “Sure it’s just a man-hating club”, knickers would be very much in a twist.

    Well-intentioned events like this should be met with encouragement, not stereotypes and hypocrisy.

    1. Starina

      My point was that it’s a little difficult to tell from the Facebook post what subjects the event will feature. If there was an event on for women only that was called “Ladies’ Day”, was sponsored by Pieta House but featured Twink and Glenda Gilson, I’d be incredibly suspicious as to whether it was going to be about equality, mental health and support, or whether they’d be like “yeah, girl power, here’s a pink badge, buy some stuff” — condescension and marketing disguised as social discussion.

      1. MUlch

        Its a poor point poorly made.
        People like Paul Flynn have a record in trying to raise awareness. Lumping him and others as male equivalents to Twink and Glenda is a badly thought out comparison.
        You clearly have your own little agenda to spin here.
        The most basic of searches will show the suicide rates of men vs women in Ireland are close to 4:1. Homelessness stats show the number of men vs women sleeping rough or in emergency accommodation is nearly 2.5:1
        The event is aimed at men because of the inherent silence amongst them on issues like this.
        I very much doubt if any women did attend the event, there would actually be an issue, its that its aimed at a specific demographic that are known to be particularly vulnerable in these areas.

        1. skbac


          And if that specific demographic is most effectively reached with “beer and football and Brendan O’Connor”, then it sounds like a perfectly reasonable strategy to me. Reaching those vulnerable individuals should take precedence over ensuring that the conversation is “acceptable” in the eyes of those with another agenda.

    2. Niamh

      Well said.

      It’s run by Pieta House and concerns men’s mental health. That sounds like a good thing to me. I actually can’t believe people are being so negative about it.

  8. skbac

    The thing is Starina, it’s not geared towards you and there is no onus on the organisers to explain themselves or justify themselves to you. A evening dedicated to making mental health services more accessible to men does not require a “feminist approved” sticker on its poster.

    If you can’t accept events like this on their own terms, without injecting your own agenda into the mix…well that’s just tough I’m afraid.

    1. Phil

      I guess as a Man I have the Right to be Active in asking for justification, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there’s going to be any discussion of ethics in games journalism at the event?

    2. Nially


      I’m a man. It’s geared towards me. I’d like to reiterate Starina’s entirely valid questions.

      Now that I have the granted those questions the deep and booming authority of having issued from the keyboard of a MAN, are they OK to ask? ‘Cause the event doesn’t need my approval, but I have the same “Hmmm” reaction to a Joe.ie sponsored “International Men’s Day” event, even with a worthwhile charity involved.

      Or am I about to be accused of having an agenda too, in order to discredit my reaction?

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