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156 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Jobstown

  1. Milo

    This is not peaceful protest. Whether people like it or not Joan Burton has rights under our constitution and forcibly detaining her (or anyone without due process) is a criminal act. End of. Those that excuse this behaviour reveal their own attitude to democracy.

    1. Sam

      Tis a shallow version of democracy to think that a government elected on promises it doesn’t intend to keep can do what the feck it likes afterwards and have no accountability for five years.
      In other jurisdictions, democracy includes recall elections. Methinks it would be a good idea here to have them, then people wouldn’t be so driven to do stuff like this.

      It says something about the government’s fear of the public anger on this issue that the public order unit didn’t just baton them like they would in Erris.

      1. bisted

        ‘…a government elected on promises it doesn’t intend to keep can do what the feck it likes afterwards and have no accountability for five years’……ah here Sam…sure isn’t that what you do during an election.

      2. AG

        Except FG had water charges in their manifesto and Labour said they were only opposed to people paying for water who also had to boil that water for consumption. They were no explicitly against water charges per se.
        Also, both parties promised to abide by the EU/IMF agreement which stipulated water charges.
        So what promises were broken exactly??

          1. Alfred E. Neumann

            This is childish stuff, Riders. You do understand that they are a minority party in the government? There are a lot of things to criticise Labour for, but breaking manifesto promises is not one of them.

      3. Medium Sized C

        Fine Gael were elected as senior party. In introducing water charges, managed by a single national body, they are fulfilling promises they made in their 2011 general election manifesto.
        While labour didn’t, they offered a washy continue as we are going, which wasn’t working. Which it would seem was generally less preferable to the electorate than charges.

    2. scottser

      Well, when our goverment turn our nation into a democracy, like theyre supposed to then the people will respect it.

  2. Frilly Keane

    Ha. They should a had a sing song. A two hour medley
    The Birdie Song
    Save All Your Kisses For Me
    Molly Malone
    Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
    Fields a Athenry
    And a thousand Ole Ole Ole Ole ssssss

    And loop
    And loop
    And loop

        1. will-billy

          What about the ‘Transit Van’ Frilly?

          “I was lying in the ditch with the wheels spinnin
          and the stereo playing Daniel O’Donnell”

  3. Edie

    Scumbags. Scaring a woman in a car beating and rocking it and screaming at her, regardless of her job, is cowardice and bullying and borderline assault. And to what end?

        1. Smashmouth

          No I didn’t

          I speculated on the impact the actions of those involved might have

          That’s not condoning what took place

    1. Hashtag Diversity

      Scaring a “woman”? The “deputy leader of this government”. You might want to leave your sexism at home.

      1. Soundings

        Not just the brick that looks photo-shopped, the alleged thrower looks badly photoshopped, but it’s probably just the light because Denis O’Brien Media wouldn’t ditch its journalistic integrity just to boost the fortunes of Denis O’Brien Water.

          1. Lilly

            The brick thrower is likely a FG plant. Imagine the draconian measures they could introduce to quell rebellion if Joanie got a bloody nose.

        1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

          Fair enough. Seeing is believing.

          Joanie is long gone at the stage when this is happening though. The sentence in the link suggests otherwise – “protesters-blockade-tanaistes-car”.

    1. Soundings

      Don’t fret it McGlurgle, in another 15 months, there’ll be around 10 Labour TDs if they’re lucky, and Joan won’t be one of them, so you won’t have to put up with the scum much longer.

  4. Drogg

    I love how there is loads of commentators suddenly on broadsheet that I have never seen before going on about poor Joan. Obviously it’s just a coincidence.

    1. Milo

      Probably people that have lives. There comes a point that the silent majority of people in the country starts getting fed up of tools like you who think it’s ok to fire bricks at the police. This so called peaceful protests have gone to far and the likes of Paul Murphy are washing their hands of it much like unionist politicians washed their hands of the fleg protests up north. Somebody is going to get seriously hurt/injured due to the incitement over a charge seen as perfectly normal in the rest of the world. It’s time to call out those who want to undermine the democratic structures of our state….

      1. Drogg

        Out of hundreds of people protesting. One guy threw a brick it doesn’t matter who he is associated with he did it of his own volition. People are angry people in low income working class areas have felt the pinch more so then most. What we need to be looking at here is why people are so angry and what we can do to quell that anger. Whoever sent Joan into jobestown in the height of all this should really be questioned about ether their motives behind it or their stupidity for thinking it’d be ok.

        1. jungleman

          The middle class felt the pinch the most.

          The reason the above people are angry is because they have an expectation that they should have to pay for nothing in life.

          1. Drogg

            You have obviously never lived below the poverty line jungleman. Yes there are people who make a career out of being unemployed, but that’s a much smaller number then you imagine there is plenty of hard working people struggling to make it month to month and pay all their bills and now the Gov wants to dip into their pockets again.

        2. will-billy

          You can take the Joan out of Jobstown (after an hour or two) but you can’t take the job out of Joan’s town.

      2. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

        And rush straight to Broadsheet of course.

        Earlier reports said no arrests. And that photo looks photoshopped.
        Frankly, I don’t trust the Independent.

        1. neil

          I’m no fan of the Independent, but do you trust the Press Photographers Association of Ireland member who took the photo? He has been shortlisted in their awards a number of times, and came 2nd for the familiar photo of a Public Order Unit member in front of a burning car on Nassau St. during the Love Ulster riots. I can’t see a successful photojournalist risking their career for something so trivial, by fabricating an image for no obvious reason.

          More plainly, no it doesn’t look photoshopped, you just don’t want to believe it.

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

            It does look photoshopped. The guy appears to be levitating. However if there’s other photos or video footage from different angles or even footage of the guy from earlier in the day, I’d be reasonably satisfied.

            And don’t speak for me. I think they went too far blockading the car myself.

    2. Alfred E. Neumann

      Why this obsessive fantasy that people who disagree with you are paid to do so? Answer their points and win the argument, instead of making up motives for them.

      1. f_lawless

        while it might be an obsessive fantasy to think EVERY pro-government view on these unpopular water charges is coming from a paid shill, the release of Edward Snowden’s documents have confirmed that it’s a modus operandi for the British Government, so I think it’s not unreasonable to suspect that the same thing goes on in Ireland.

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          A political party would be insane not to encourage the younger members, at least, to keep up a positive online presence. I doubt anyone needs to spend money on it, but of course it happens.

          But when has guessing at which poster is which ever done anything here but up the tedium level? It is unfailingly boring, it never improves a conversation, and Drogg has been here long enough to know that.

          1. Drogg

            True I have been i I fully agree with what your saying but you must see as well as I do there is a high proportion of new pro government supporters on a lot of these water protesting threads. I am will to argue points with them but most of what I see is, shame on them, or scroungers, or must be SF drones etc etc.

          2. Alfred E. Neumann

            You are probably right, Drogg. Maybe the suspect new people are best ignored. I know I get called a shill occasionally, and so do other people who plainly are not doing it for a living.

            (NOTE TO POLITICAL PARTIES: I will happily do this for a living.)

          3. Alfred E. Neumann

            Yes, it would be a pain to have to haul out the bakelite dial-up every time Joan passed the office.

    3. will-billy

      ah poor Joan, sure a musha God help her, she’s in an awful state, she’s got the husband fella run away, a teenage daughter in the family way, and she doesn’t pay her bills to nobody

      (that was for KieranNYC :)

  5. Geoff

    This is madness. People claiming that they are peaceful protesters , sounds like ISIS claiming they are religious champions, or Sinn Fein just distracting attention from their history of protecting sex abusers.

  6. Soundings

    Great to hear Govt mouthpieces this evening championing democracy.

    Where was the democracy when the water charges bill was rushed through the Oireachtas last December?

    The chickens be coming home to roost.

    1. Drogg

      I find it hilarious. If they are truly the champions of democracy why don’t they call a general election and prove they still have the popular support of the people.

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        Oh bejesus, yes. No true democrat would wait until the next scheduled election. They are fascists of the worst stripe, so they are.

          1. Drogg

            But this is more then you doing something unpopular. When In a country this size you get a protest of 150,000 on the streets of the capital you know you have problems. I know that 150,000 is below ten percent but not everyone who is angry and unwilling to pay is the type of person to go out and protest on the street.

        1. neil

          True democrats would call an election every time a new law was passed, to ensure that they hadn’t lost the support of the majority in the intervening days.

  7. Anne

    Felt a bit uneasy watching the clips of this on youtube.

    I think the anger is understandable, that’s not to condone this particular incident.
    I wouldn’t have been able to partake in that myself.

    However, she’s a contemptible wagon, no doubt about it.
    Her comments on the protestors having mobile phones showed the distain she has for people.
    It shows a level of entitlement also, a snobbery.. when her generous salary and pension are paid for by the people she’s looking down her nose at.

    I think the message could have been communicated to her, by the sheer force of the protestors presence, without having to barricade her in her car for a few hours.
    Could they not have disbanded after say 20 minutes?

    It’s intimidation. I have little sympathy for the woman, but this isn’t right.

    I think also, banging on her car, shouting in at her, peaceful protest, peaceful does not make it one.

    Conflicting thing to watch. Hope she got the message loud and clear. ‘Tis doubtful though.

    1. Jim Computer

      Could they not have disbanded after say 20 minutes?

      You don’t get it, do you?
      -Along with most of the shills posting here.

      Here’s a 101 for you and everyone else who needs it;
      A ‘peaceful’ protest only ever works if it gets publicity. That’s a fact, so get used to it..

      And YES, we will get the more unruly elements joining in, uninvited, stealing the limelight.

      Colour us all with the same crayons, if that’s the arena where you think this fight is being fought in.
      You’re wrong.

      This isn’t a series of battles.
      This is war.

      -And the people will win.

  8. Frilly Keane

    PoorJoan my hole
    Note this now labour’ettes

    Stuck in a car Joan? … Pity about ya. You ignorant over paid patsey. In that very parish there are people living in cars.

    And as for your claims on the Labour and Trade Union movement. Naw’mind lead it. If there was any truth in your chosen ethos, you’d ‘a got up off your entitled hole, paraded yerself, your advisors, your driver, your detective, the battalion of guards and all the other weekend-pay claimants in your entourage in Jobstown, to the Luas Station. And paid your own fare.

    That’s how you would’ve saved your party.

    Instead you just clocked up the overtime bill.

    You’re done Joan. The Mary O’Rourke Circuit awaits.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Get your own act together KYC

            From your performance here; a stroke victim throws a better punch that you

  9. Lilly

    Serves her right. A rotten egg in her duplicitous face is exactly what she deserves in return for the contempt she has shown the citizens of this country.

    1. Soundings

      Joan Burton and Phil Hogan were in a bar one night. The drink was flowing and Joan leans in and she seductively whine to Phil “fancy a roide?”
      Phil is stunned, and looking around for photographers, blurts out “but I’m a married man and-“ but Joan interrupts him to cheekily whine “I’ll give you €1m if you do”
      Thinking it over for a moment, and realising he’d need work for nearly 36 months to earn that sort of moolah, Phil relents and reluctantly says “okay so”
      But then Joan leans back and triumphantly whines “right so, but I only have €200, I’ll give you that” and Phil yells “€200, what sort of man do you think I am” to which Joan mischievously whines “we’ve already established that, now we’re just haggling about price”

      If Joan thinks we can all be bought for a €200 water charge, she’s going to get a rude awakening.

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        That is the second time that gag has come up here recently. It may be worth pointing out that, as Marx would have it, changes in quantity become changes in quality. A pothole with a teaspoon of earth in it is still a pothole. Keep bringing the spoonfuls, and sooner or later you have a mound.

        1. Soundings

          Yes, and it was me who posted it first time. V 2.0 is more refined, makes Joan the main protaganist, has a pop at the bowser who authored the water charges in the first place and segues better into Joan’s statement in a personal capacity a fortnight ago where she tried to bribe us with a “modest charge”

          But hold onto your stool Freddie, v 3.0 might be good enough for a poster on 10th December!

          1. Alfred E. Neumann

            I have a terrible image of myself clutching a wet stool for the next month, muttering “soon we will have a mound”. Do come visit me.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Between him doing a bitta’ve flirty ‘wahay’ dance with the opening wide towel standard
            Her in Marks n Spenders matching dickie bow smalls

            Oh that’s lovely Huge. an
            Mighty Stuff Groan. Ranton

            Wet Wet Wet

            Meter that ya good thing!!!!!

  10. Lilly

    I hope Joanie was listening to Charlie Weston & Co this morning on Marian Finucane. They articulated so well the reality for many in Ireland today.

  11. martco

    I’m finding the Poor Joan commentary on here amazing, it’s like listening to Marian Finucane on RadioD4 of a Sunday…looks fairly mild stuff all round to me and given the circumstances amazingly restrained

    Joan Burton is a figure of hatred, absolute HATRED, our very own Maggie. So off she pops into Jobstown for an event, what did yez expect to happen in Jobstown? Tea and cucumber sandwiches on the lawn perhaps ffs??

    A brick got thrown? If this was France a lot lot worse would have happened to Joan, they’d have needed the fire brigade.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      “what did yez expect to happen in Jobstown? ”

      I’d expect people to conduct themselves like human beings. Should I expect anything different to any other area of the country?

          1. TheDude

            Sorry no Frilly, we can’t have you spreading propaganda but a nice bit of Irish Water Boarding is offered on arrival

          2. Hashtag Diversity

            There wasn’t WiFI at the Websummit either. Ironically last year they didn’t have water. Could there be a connection?

        1. Neilo

          Let’s hope so, the quicker the better. So if I may summarize most of the comments here: the bi**h was asking for it, showing up in public places with her provocative trouser suit and Mercedes and what not. Well, she certainly got some sense scared into her, so good work all ’round, chaps.

  12. Spaghetti Hoop

    This, and Coolock, and Santry, and the Nov 1st marches proves that there is undoubted dissatisfaction and anger amongst the public for the present government. You can knock the protestors all ye like for their scumbaggery but they are achieving publicity here and this will be all over the media tomorrow. FG and Labour have not the rabbit in a hat to foil this or recover electorally – which makes these protests history in the making somewhat.

    1. will-billy

      absolute rubbish

      scum is scum is scum

      all they’ll achieve is highlighting how ignorant backward and inbred they are

          1. will-billy

            Hats off, that made me titter a little. Not bad for a functioning alco anyway.

            Keep off the crystal meth and I’m sure you’re alright when you’re sober.

      1. Jim Computer

        You’re wrong, so wrong.
        -Some people can’t take any more. There’s no alternative but to protest, because they want to be able to feed their children. You choose to ignore that aspect of it, simply because it doesn’t hit you as hard as it hits them. You don’t understand, and I doubt you ever will.

        Let me guess…single male, in your twenties?
        -Or maybe a guy with a mortgage?
        F U.
        This is not your fight.
        Let US win it for you.
        Step aside.

        This ‘Water-Bill’ shite is nothing more than a tax on the poor, the disenfranchised and the ignored. I understand the appeal it has for you, but c’mon…
        Stop being a shill.*

        I’m a smart-arsed C***.
        If you can get me a job in Fine Gael I’d be very appreciative.

        1. will-billy

          A lot of assumptions there – you are a complete and utter fool, clearly.

          The fact is nothing gets done by a bunch of loudmouth scumbags in the arsehole of nowheresville hitting a sitting duck with a water balloon or whatever it was – as far as Joe Public is concerned this was a cheap, pathetic shot by a bunch of ‘typical skangers from dublin’ (you know yourself) . If you want to have a revolution I’m all for it but you must stand up on some kind of platform and get public support for it because that’s the system we currently use, not play to the lower end of the spectrum of the worst kind of human tendencies to take the easy option out and hail this as progress. It’s not. End of.

  13. Niallo

    People really shouldnt engage in this kind of protest. Just adds fuel to the fire.
    Much better would be to turn up and be silent, nothing beats thunderous silence.
    Failing that if your inside at said event/opening/awards ceremony, then stand up and turn your back or give them the slow handclap. Or both.
    Better still, mass silent protests at the constituency clinics.
    These morons crave publicity and attention.
    So send them to coventry…

  14. Joe Malone

    I can’t believe that the garda wasted the opportunity to give those knackers exactly what they were looking for – free water but delivered by way of water cannon. Oh the irony would have been sweet!

    1. Jim Computer

      those knackers ???

      Excuse me, but I live in Jobstown, albeit on the other side, (about a half–mile away from where this all happened.) The people you call knackers live beside me, and like myself were blissfully aware of this protest. If we had known it would’ve been much better..

      You haven’t seen a good protest yet, but this is the best one so far.
      This side of Jobstown will put the other side of Jobstown to shame. Mark my words.

          1. Frilly Keane


            If you can’t make sense of my first post on this thread then no sorta’ translation is going ta work for you.

    2. Hashtag Diversity

      Gardai take action? What do you think this is? Operation Transformation? Love to see those fat culchie bunters put their breakfast rolls down for a few minutes and try. I suppose it repeating the leaving was the best three years of your life that a “job” in “the force” is about all you can aspire to, I suppose.

    1. Anne

      That’s bad form. What age is she 70?

      She needs to stay in doors, for her own good.
      Never mind doing a meet and greet in Scobstown.

      You have people out there with serious mental health issues, with alcohol and substance abuse problems, waiting for an opportunity to take their rage out on someone. She’s a sitting duck to those types of lowlifes.

      1. will-billy

        A voice of reason calls from the depths of the intellectual abyss on this thread.

        She’s at least 90 if she’s a day Anne

        1. Anne

          Ha. Thanks Will.

          Intellectual abyss, and those of a slightly touched nature – they’re not skangers, they’re me neighbours shur. Argument won, I’m the cleverest of all ye idiots kinda touched.

  15. Hashtag Diversity

    Apparently, water protesters are not only dissidents, but homophobes, and sexists too. Can we get Panti Bliss in the Tanaiste Security Army (TSA)? What would Senator “Unvouched for 30K Expenses” Zappone say? Oh, dear.

    Tánaiste Joan Burton has accused Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy of “smirking” while protesters threw missiles and taunted gardaí with homophobic and misogynistic remarks during the water chargers protest.

  16. Jim Computer

    ‘Homophobic’, ‘misogynistic’…???

    -All I can see is a blatant disregard for legitimate concern, for a bullshit ‘plucked -out-of-the-sky’ tax that is a step too far for too many.

    I’d even go so far as to call it TREASON.
    Yeah, treason.

    I call it treason.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      I am ASHAMED to be living in this country of QUISLINGS and RENEGADES. Take it Down from the Mast, Irish Wa-a-a-a-a-a-ter!

  17. Jim Computer

    This site…
    …it’s full of idiots, with one or two sensible people hanging around, thinking it’s going to get better…but it never does.


  18. louislefronde

    Ah, how amusing to read the comments above. It would seem the Red Orchestra are at it again…..

    Now a quick statement of the obvious, all political parties have engaged ‘trolls’ to work social media and more than a few are on this site from every political hue. Hilariously, most of them are amateurs and they’re pretty obvious to spot.

    1. Jim Computer

      Isn’t that so true louis?

      What galls me is that I could do their job, and much better than any of them have done so far.
      -But will they employ me? -NO.

      My Daddy didn’t lick asses.
      I’m not a member of their clique.

      Still, I could do with the money…
      Y’know yerself, times are hard.

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        Turn off your computer then. Save yourself on the auld leccy and save the rest of us from your drivel.

  19. greg

    60 .000.000.000 for the Bankers to maitain a nice lifestyle = 2 people with banners protested outside the Dail.

    An isignificant small and miserable 100 euros per year for water = The Whole Country going MENTAL????

    What is wrong with these people??

    1. Anne

      But that pack of lies was nicely sold to people as we need to pay back OUR loans.
      We all partied.
      The whole system will collapse. We won’t be able to pay the teachers and nurses etc.

      A bailout, sounds like a gift also.

      That question is aimed at the wrong people.

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